Get Cleaned Up with This Portable & Cordless Car Vacuum

When you’re on the go, your mess comes with you. From stale crackers to the dirt on your shoes, your car’s upholstery can take a real beating. Fortunately, Make Lemonade has an ultra-portable and super affordable solution. Read on to learn about the cordless vacuum that will save you space, time, and money.

Maintaining a car’s interior is no small feat and is easy to put off. But waiting too long to clean the upholstery allows grime to settle and can cause permanent damage over time. Make Lemonade’s cordless travel vacuum helps you stay ahead of the dirt. With its 12 volt battery and included AC adapter, you’ll have the power to clean up any time, anywhere.

Keep your car clean on the go with this compact, cordless, handheld vacuum. It’s so compact, in fact, that it can fit in most cupholders, gloveboxes, and backseats for easy accessibility. Your purchase comes with all the accessories you need to start cleaning. The combination brush and corner attachment whisk away dog hair and clean all the hard-to-reach corners of your car. And the included HEPA filter makes maintaining the device a hassle-free trip to the trash.

Don’t wait for your next carwash to look after your car’s interior. Pick up a Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum from Make Lemonade today for only $59.99, and stay ahead of the mess.

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