FullContact: The Contacts App to Rule Them All

Apple is really good at creating incredible devices—an app that efficiently handles contacts, however, not so much. Get rid of your confusing Contacts app and get FullContact instead. Not only does FullContact seamlessly manage all of your Contacts from various sources, it will look for updates to contacts, show any duplicates so you can merge them, and even allow you to scan business cards to quickly, easily, and accurately add their information. Plus, when the app scans a business card, a real person (actually two people) checks to make sure everything is correct. Learn more about the best app for contact management below.

If you've ever been to an industry tradeshow or networking event, you’ve likely collected a handful of business cards that are all too easily lost. Plus, who wants to sit there adding all of that information manually? No one! With FullContact, you don’t have to. Use the app to scan each business card, easily adding all that useful new information to your plethora of contacts. And you don’t need to worry about any of it being incorrect—two real people will check the scan to make sure everything is completely accurate.

Another hugely useful feature of FullContact is Updates. The app will automatically look through your contacts and their networks to identify updates to the information. You can then review the suggested updates and decide whether to add or to ignore each new piece of information.

My personal favorite feature is the ability to get rid of duplicate contacts! In the stock Apple Contacts app, I have way too many duplicates that I can’t keep track of. But with FullContact, the app automatically finds those contacts and makes it extremely easy for me to merge them.

Your contacts are important. Whether for business or personal use, being able to contact the people you need to without any problems is hugely important. Especially since no one remembers phone numbers anymore! We all need a contacts app that not only does its job well but improves our overall experience. FullContact does that and more. No other contacts app manages your network of people so easily. Download FullContact today.

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