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By now you likely know that Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote event will take place Monday, June 4. This year, we want to have a two-way conversation with you all during the event. We’ll joke, share information, and host an after-party in the form of a live podcast. Follow along and voice your opinions during the event in the iPhone Life Facebook group. After it’s all said and done, we’ll host a live podcast after WWDC that you can sign up to join here. During the live podcast, we’ll discuss everything Apple announced, voice our opinions, hear yours, and take any questions. This is the first year we’re hosting a two-way conversation with you all during and after the event, and we are super excited for June 4 to arrive. Learn more below.

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During WWDC Keynote

Join us in the iPhone Life Facebook group during the WWDC keynote. CEO, David Averbach and I will be opening up discussion as Apple makes their announcements.

We’re using the beloved Facebook group so that it’s a community watch party instead of us just telling you what we think. We want to hear how you feel too! What are you excited about; what leaves much to be desired? We want to talk about it!

After WWDC Keynote

Before the event begins, register here to join us for a live episode of the iPhone Life podcast at 3:15 p.m. CST after the WWDC keynote event.

The usual podcast crew will jump in to discuss everything Apple announced, share some of your feedback (both from the Facebook group and in the webinar chat box), take questions, and generally appreciate one of the busiest and most fun days in the iPhone year.

To Recap:

See you there!



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