Don’t Leave the House without This Rugged Solar Charger for Your iPhone

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It’s frustrating when your iPhone dies on you when you’re nowhere near an outlet.  Maybe you were expecting an important call while out for the day, or perhaps you were on a long hike about to reach the ideal spot for a beautiful photo—and then your phone dies. It’s situations like these that reveal the utility of a portable battery charger.

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But a portable charger is just the start. Now, you can carry around multiple full recharges and be eco-friendly with the solar-powered portable battery charger. Anywhere there's sunlight, you’ll have a self-recharging portable battery. All you have to do is leave it in the sun.

There is even more to this nifty gadget. Here is a full breakdown of what you’ll get when you pick up this solar-powered iPhone charger:


Feel like a long hike in the rain? This solar battery is perfect for any weather. It’s waterproof (just like your iPhone 7), so you can take it anywhere without worry if it gets wet.


Are you a rugged outdoor adventurer? The solar charger is designed to withstand the toughest exposure. Take it out next time you go rock climbing or mountain biking.


Join the green revolution by powering your iPhone with the sun! Need to recharge? Just place the charger's solar cell in direct sunlight.

Charge Multiple Devices

The universal charger comes with two USB ports, which means you can charge your iPhone, iPad or e-reader at the same time.

No matter how active you are, this charger will quickly become your iPhone's constant companion.

The universal portable battery normally costs $49.99. Right now, you can pick up this waterproof solar battery charger for only $13.99, over 70 percent off.

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