Coming Soon: Track Your Carbon Footprint with Worldbeing

Still in concept phase, Worldbeing is a small wristband that tracks your carbon footprint. Made of electronic waste and utilizing an energy-efficient E Ink display, the wristband will be accompanied an app that tracks personal consumption and calculates carbon emissions.

Worldbeing designer Benjamin Hubert believes “the near future will be a place of accountability.” Worldbeing would include social-sharing and community-building, making the idea of accountability all the more relevant with carbon reduction challenges between friends.

Worldbeing would eventually use Apple Pay as well as partner with multiple other apps (Moven, Google Maps, etc) to monitor travel, shopping, groceries, energy consumption, and more. Hubert is currently running a Thunderclap campaign through his company Layer to gauge interest for the product. Layer is partnered with Carbon Trust, a company that helps organizations and governments reduce their carbon footprint around the world. Watch the demo for Worldbeing below.


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