The Wireless Keyboard Apple Should Have Made

Are you tired of dealing with the low battery life that comes with an Apple wireless keyboard? Do you want to upgrade to the wireless keyboard Apple should have made? If so, check out the Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard by Matias. This sleek and stylish keyboard is ultra-portable, and at only $89.99, it's also ultra-affordable. Read on to learn what makes this keyboard special not just in comparison to Apple but across the market.

We all love our Apple products, but we also know that Apple has missed the mark when it comes to wireless keyboards. From short battery life to a sagging frame, Apple’s options are expensive and underwhelming. Fortunately, Matias has come along and saved the day with its series of wireless keyboards. From patented click-free technology to backlit keyboards for nighttime use, Matias has pushed the envelope on what a wireless keyboard can bring to the table. Most recently, Matias has introduced the Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard ($89.99) with Mac-friendly function keys. This keyboard comes with extra USB ports, so you can keep all your devices charged and connected to your Mac.

Matias has released an update to its amazing Apple-compatible keyboard. Like previous generations, this new keyboard has a battery life of up to one year, pairs with multiple devices, and comes in a sleek, durable design that you'll love. This time around, Matias is ditching the numeric keypad, making the frame ultra-portable. Losing the number pad also means you get more real estate for your arrow and function keys. The Wireless Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard is perfect for the busy typist on the go. It’s available in two high-tech colors (Silver and Space Gray) and is sure to look great alongside any Apple device.

Your brand new Matias keyboard can pair with up to three Bluetooth devices at once, making it easy for you to switch between your iPad and Mac at a moments notice. This keyboard includes a function key so that you can change devices at the push of a button. This keyboard is smart and knows that each device requires a slightly different layout. The Wireless Tenkeyless updates the layout automatically, optimizing your experience for each of your devices.

What are you waiting for? Visit the store today and pick you your very own Wireless Tenkeyless Aluminum Keyboard by Matias.

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