CES 2016: Fun Tech from CES

 Fun Tech from CES

There is tech that is meant to help you through your day at work or at home. There is tech created to make daunting tasks easier, like keeping track of your bills. Then there is fun tech. Tech that you don't necessarily "need," but would be fun to have. The Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has plenty of tech—all types of tech—but I wanted to share some of the best tech that is meant for fun. Gadgets that are meant to help you unwind, or just have a good time. Those are the kind of tech gadgets that deserve more praise, because without fun tech from CES, what would we have?

Crosley Radio Turntables (Pricing Varies)

Crosley Turntables

During CES, Crosley had its turntables on display and the many different designs made them worth a second or even third look. Thanks to Crosley, it’s time to start buying records again and enjoy music the way you used to, or introduce music to your kids in a whole new way. And not to mention the designs again, but there are so many different versions! Childhood characters, glitter, retro; there's literally something for everyone.

Picobrew Pico ($599)

Pico Brew

When the Keurig entered our lives, we were thankful. Freshly brewed coffee, fast and with little mess, there was so much to like. Now beer gets the same love as coffee thanks to Pico by PicoBrew. Pico by PicoBrew is your own personal beer home brewing system. One run through and you’ve got five liters of freshly brewed beer. Like the Keurig, there are different flavor packs that you can customize and test. You can even connect the device to Wi-Fi to download recipes and keep track of the brewing process, which takes about two hours.

Alpha 2 Smart Robot ($1,299)

Alpha 2 Robot

Finally, to end the list of fun tech, the future we’ve all dreamed of is available. UB Tech has introduced the world to Alpha 1S, JIMU, and now Alpha 2. The Alphas (one red and one blue) are humanoid robots that stand at just over a foot tall. Both robots have many different capabilities, including acting out a story, making calls and taking messages, tutoring, translating, reminding you about household tasks, taking pictures and video for (and of!) you, telling you the weather, and so much more. 

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