Bluetooth Speaker: Logitech MX Sound Review

Wireless audio continues to reshape the sound product landscape in the home entertainment market. Logitech, a company well known for its computer and mobile device-centric product lines, has recently released a new MX Sound wireless stereo speaker array for desktop, TV, and mobile products. How well does the MX Sound perform and interact with these numerous audio inputs? Read on to find out.

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The MX Sound wireless stereo speakers ($99.99) are each about the size and look of a mesh-covered cereal bowl turned on its side. In addition to Bluetooth wireless device connectivity, the speakers can also accept two 3.5 mm jacks from an auxiliary sound source or PC. There's also a wired 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect an external audio output source. Unlike other Bluetooth-capable speakers I've recently reviewed, the MX Sound does not have an integrated rechargeable battery for portable wireless operation, but that's not really what these speakers were designed for. Rather, they are predominantly intended for PC audio playback while doubling as external wireless stereo Bluetooth audio speakers. From that perspective, the MX Sound successfully fulfills its advertised objective.

MX Sound Speakers

Once the left speaker cable is connected to the right speaker and the power cable is attached to the right speaker as well, you're ready to pair your iPad or iPhone to the Bluetooth connection. Additionally, connecting the included 3.5 mm male-to-male cable from your Mac or PC audio-out jack to the PC jack on the right speaker, you can also use the MX Sound as a robust set of PC stereo speakers. Logitech created a feature called Easy-Switch that allows you to play audio from different devices simply by pausing the playback on one device and allowing audio to play from another device. Easy-Switch senses where it is receiving audio input from and automatically switches to and plays from that audio source. This removes the need for toggle switches or buttons on the speaker to switch between sources, and it's a nice convenience that will have you wonder why it has taken so long to implement such a simple, autonomous feature. One drawback to this auto-sensing approach is that audio sources can't be mixed together, so you won't be able to simultaneously listen via the Bluetooth connection to a podcast on your iPhone and audio from a game on your computer.

Another really nifty feature I liked about the MX Sound is its ability to sense your hand as it approaches the right speaker, thereby illuminating the Bluetooth connection and volume touch controls beneath the speaker mesh cover. When your hand moves away, the control lighting fades out. This is especially appreciated in dark rooms and next to displays. I can't tell you how many times I have covered up obnoxious power and function indicator LEDs with black tape. Logitech designers and engineers must share my frustration as the auto-lighting solution they implemented in the MX Sound is elegant and annoyance free. And if that weren't enough, the speakers automatically enter a low-power mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. No more having to worry about leaving speakers powered on slurping up electricity and unnecessarily adding cost to your utility bill.

MX Sound Speakers with iMac

What impressed me the most about the MX Sound is, well, the sound. These speakers sound fantastic! Given the relatively small size of each speaker, I wasn't expecting the deep rumbling bass or the crystal clarity of high end notes. Both Bluetooth and wired sources sounded amazing, even at the highest volume setting with each speaker delivering 12W of power (24W peak total). These speakers sound so good that they could even be used as a low-cost home theater stereo speaker setup. However, Logitech optimally designed them for a Mac/PC and Bluetooth mobile device playback and that is where the MX Sound offers a perfect fit.

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