Block iPhone Radiation in Style with alara Case by Brink

Protect more than just your iPhone with the alara case by Brink. The health effects of cellphone radiation is a long-discussed topic with no current conclusion. But in thirty years, when we know for sure, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Which is why Brink wants to keep you safe now and forever with its alara case. Unlike every other radiation reducing case, alara deflects radiation from your iPhone as opposed to blocking it. Blocking the radiation will also block your cellphone’s signal; so Brink made sure that the alara case doesn’t interfere with your connectivity while also reducing your radiation exposure to the lowest that can reasonably be achieved.

The most important feature of the alara case is, of course, its ability to deflect radiation and make your device completely safe. But that doesn’t mean Brink sacrificed great design—quite the opposite. The alara case fits on the iPhone perfectly and provides US military standard drop protection (up to six feet!) without adding bulk. The classy aesthetic is one that’s easily adaptable for all occasions, and the technology that’s protecting you doubles as a design element on the back.

Check out what alara users have said:

“It fits well, looks sharp, is durable, and relatively light and fits well in the hand... and I’m able to charge my iPhone X wirelessly when in case... I love it.” -Daryl L.

“Radiation has been discussed for mobile devices for a long time. Originally Pong, these cases offer the piece of mind of knowing that they are reducing any harmful radiation. They have been of terrific quality for years now, and are also very nice in design. They are very slim yet protective, and have a slightly matte finish so they don’t slide easily.” -Anderson H.

We don’t know how cellphones will affect our health long term, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The alara case by Brink never interferes with your cellular connection, blocks 67 percent of your cellphone’s radiation (the most that’s reasonably achievable), and protects your phone from drops up to six feet. What are you waiting for? Get yours today.

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