BLADE AI True Wireless Earbuds by SOUL: Your In-Ear Personal Trainer

If you're ready to take your aerobics training to a whole new level, look no further than these amazing earbuds from SOUL electronics. BLADE true wireless earbuds are a cutting edge Indiegogo opportunity that will change the way you exercise. From real-time personalized feedback on your running form to analysis of risk injury, BLADE true wireless earbuds are the in-ear personal coach you've been missing. Read on to learn all about the incredible technology powering the unique BLADE wireless earbuds.

Staying fit is more important than ever in our sedentary society. BLADE true wireless earbuds offer the in-ear AI coach you've been waiting for since Apple released the Health app. If you've been looking for a product that does more than monitor your heart rate, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by exactly how much BLADE wireless can do for you.

Powered by Beflex's patented BiomechEngine®, BLADE true wireless earbuds provide real-time personalized coaching to maximize your running performance while you exercise. This powerful artificial intelligence (AI) utilizes data compiled by the BiomechEngine® to provide feedback as you exercise. From advice on how to adjust your gait to changes in your heart rate, BLADE combines in-ear biometrics with a personal training AI that's with you every step of the way.

Of course, measuring your performance, offering safety advice, monitoring your gait, and providing seamless Bluetooth support wouldn't be enough for SOUL. In addition to all those benefits. SOUL has its own fitness app that provides the perfect complement to the BLADES true wireless earbuds. The SOUL FIT app pulls all of your performance data, including your heart rate and gait, to create a fitness profile like no other. You'll love the handy graphs that compare your performance growth and personalized recommendations to support your health and increase your safety.



No other earbuds on the market offer such a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. By combining your iPhone's own fitness tracking capabilities with SOUL's patented app and Beflex's BiomechEngine, BLADE true wireless earbuds create a unique experience that you have to hear to believe. The BLADE earbuds don't ship until October, but you can get a head start by supporting SOUL's Indiegogo campaign. For a limited time, SOUL is offering the BLADE earbuds for as low as $149 (that's 60 percent off retail price)! Head on over today and see why we say BLADE wireless offer an athletic experience like no other earbuds on the market.

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