Best Podcast Apps for iPhone

Podcasts are sort of like radio stations. But instead of them being broadcasted live, they are usually digitally recorded, streamed on the internet, and available for downloading on computers, iPads, and iPhone. Sometimes they can even be downloaded as a series; just like a show or a story, installments will be given to subscribers. It’s like never missing an episode of your favorite show because it’s on your device, ready for you to listen!

If you’re interested in listening to more podcasts and feel limited by the options available on the Apple Podcasts app, there is no need to panic. The App Store has a variety of podcast apps available for all your Apple devices. Here are the three best podcast apps for iOS:

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PodCruncher ($2.99)

Although this podcast app is similar to the Apple Podcasts app, the benefits of PodCruncher is being able to create and modify your own playlists. According to Obsessive Coders, Inc., the creators of the app, PodCruncher provides the complete iTunes catalog for podcasts. Those who spent $2.99 on this podcast app and left a review on the App Store do not seem to have regretted their purchase, giving PodCruncher a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Overcast (Free)

The Overcast app gives its listeners the power to adjust Smart Speed and Voice Boost so they can modify the clarity of the podcaster.'s voice. With the help of Smarter Playlists, you can listen to more podcasts as well as find brand new shows that may suit your interests. At the end of the day, you have complete control over what you want to listen to. This podcast app for iPhone includes in-app purchases and is ad supported. An ad-free upgrade includes a $9.99 yearly fee that will be charged to your iTunes account.

Podbean (Free)

Besides the catchy name, the Podbean podcast app is able to expand space for podcast subscriptions. For starters, you are able to explore extensive networks as well as getting recommendations based on your search history and what you listen to. Instant streaming and downloads are available at anytime. Even when you are offline, your stories are ready to be played after download. If you have listened an episode and have no intention of listening to it again, you can set up auto-delete for podcasts that have already been played. A sleep timer is also included in the podcast app for those who own an iHome system so they can  wake up to their favorite show.

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Vanessa Reyes is a college sophomore majoring in Communication and a journalist. She enjoys listening to podcasts, watching movies, and reading books on her spare time. #MercerCollege