Beautiful Natural Wood Lap Desk for Tablets by iSkelter

Funded on Kickstarter, the Canvas Smart Desk ($68) by iSkelter is a gorgeous and functional lap desk for tablets. With notches for your devices carved out, this lap desk is made of beautiful, unstained wood. The Canvas Smart Desk is compatible with all devices, but you’re especially going to want it if you have an iPad Pro. The open slot of the lap desk is cut to fit the iPad Pro perfectly and there’s a slot for the Apple Pencil as well.

Currently, I have mine set up with my iPad Air and iPhone sitting in the slot carved in the back. This notch is perfect for watching shows or having a second screen. I lay my notebook in the open slot, which holds my notebook perfectly since it’s designed for the size of an iPad Pro. There’s a soft, felt covering on the open slot to protect the back of your iPad from direct contact with the wood. The Apple Pencil slot fits my regular pen too, making this simply designed lap desk extremely versatile.

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If you’re the type of person who works in bed or likes to draw from the couch, iSkelter makes some glorious options. I think it would be awesome, too, if the company expanded their selection to include stained wood variations of the product. The natural wood grain would really shine. The lap-desk is sturdy and has a decent amount of weight to it. It feels natural in my lap and makes me want to write all my articles from the comfort of my bed.

Check out iSkelter’s Thank You video below, featuring the Canvas Smart Desk and how it’s made.


  • Gorgeous natural wood

  • Handmade by people who “Give a damn”

  • Super functional


  • Hard bottom; great for stabilization but might require some pillow intervention after a few hours of working. 

Final Verdict:

I love products that look good and serve a purpose; the Canvas Smart Desk does that. If your budget allows and you’re in the market for an awesome lap desk, don’t pass this up.

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