Back-to-School Tech: Best iPhone Accessories

Whether you’re a student or parent, you know that iPhones are one of the most important tools you can have in school. We use our iPhones for email, research, emergencies, and even note-taking and project workshopping. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite back-to-school accessories for your iPhone that make life as a student a little easier.

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory 

(Starting at $49)

Our iPhones are capable of so much more than making calls and sending messages; they’re mini computers that we carry in our pockets, allowing us to take notes, create presentations, and correspond with teachers. But if you rely on your phone for many of your school-related projects, then it only makes sense that your device will eventually need more space. The Leef iBridge can help. By simply connecting your iPhone to the iBridge, you can quickly expand your storage space, freeing up room for pictures and video, your Dropbox, or any other need. The best part? You can connect the Leef iBridge to both your mobile device or computer.

Otterbox Resurgence Power Case 


Whether at school or at home, protecting your phone from damage is important—and having some extra battery power is a nice bonus too! The Resurgence Battery Case from Otterbox tackles both problems in one swift motion, protecting your device from drops and scratches while adding at least one full charge to its battery life. With the Resurgence, you’ll have power long after the bell rings if you want to head out for pizza after class with some friends.



Flic is a wireless button that you can program to do things like control your lighting, play music, or function as a shutter release button for taking photos. Since the button is small, you can easily place it on your desk or countertop, or even attach it to your shirt or backpack. There are tons of ways you can use the Flic, but there is one service that makes it essential for every student: as an alert system. You can program the button so that, when pressed, Flic sends an alert to someone of your choosing letting them know that you’re in trouble. The best part is, it will also send along your GPS coordinates and continue to track you as well.

Easycare Smartphone Sterilizer 


Germs tend to run rampant in a classroom setting. Oftentimes a child or teen will come home from school and carry with them a cold that’s been circulating among their fellow classmates. Add to that picture a smartphone, one of the dirtiest and germ-infested things we own, and you’ve got a real problem. Easycare Sterilizer is a small box that uses UV lighting to clean your device and clear it of nasty bacteria. Using this box can lessen the chance of skin breakouts and sickness.

Kodiak iGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector 


We all know that school can be a bit of a jungle, and accidents happen out in the wild. Having a screen protector is the best way to avoid cracks or shatters that can render your iPhone unusable. The Kodiak iGlass is one of the best screen protectors available, and it’s also the easiest to install. Kodiak is a brand I trust and use myself.

Jawbone Up2 


Aside from tracking your fitness and encouraging you to make healthier food choices, the UP2 measures the amount of rest you get each night and provides tips on how to sleep better in the future. A good night’s sleep ensures students can think clearly throughout the day and perform their best. So why shouldn’t parents and students be monitoring their sleep to make sure they get the best sleep possible? Use the Jawbone Up2 for minimal distraction during class, but optimal performance while sleeping. A bonus is the Jawbone’s smart alarm—a vibrating alarm that senses changes in your natural sleep patterns and wakes you up naturally instead of right as you fall back into a deep sleep.

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