Apple Wants Everyone to Update to iOS 10.3.1, Even iPhone 5 & 5C Owners

Last week, Apple released iOS 10.3.1. The update addressed a serious security Wi-Fi vulnerability discovered by Google Project Zero. Surprisingly, the update reinstated support for the iPhone 5 and 5C (the last 32 bit processor devices made by Apple) allowing those with the older iPhones to protect themselves from the security weakness. And now, Apple has also stopped signing iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.3, which means it's no longer possible to downgrade from iOS 10.3.1.

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If you haven't upgraded to iOS 10.3.1, I highly recommend you do it now. If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C, this may be the last iOS update that will support your device; the iOS 10.3.2 beta 2 does not appear to support the 5 or 5C.


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Sarah Kingsbury is the Senior Web Editor of iPhone Life magazine. Previously she wrote for and was the Associate Editor of the Iowa Source for many years.