Apple to Revamp Apple Music This Summer

Apple to Revamp Apple Music This Summer

The saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Well, Apple rarely goes by that saying, choosing instead to revamp and reinvent even its successful products. Still, Apple Music hasn't been the unmitigated success Apple might have hoped for. Now, in an effort to improve subscriptions, Apple is planning to refresh the year-old service this summer, according to reports. There have been some defections by key personnel, and artists have been lukewarm on the service, with some preferring the artist-friendly competitor, Tidal.

In many ways, Apple Music is a strong departure from Steve Jobs' strategy, and perhaps the most visible product with a Tim Cook imprint. Even the Apple Watch was a glimmer in Steve Jobs's eyes. But Jobs felt that people wanted to own music whereas they were okay with renting movies. Jobs noted that people listen to the same songs over and over, but rarely watch the same movie twice or more. And that was true, especially in Jobs' day.

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Today, however, we don't have new artists of the caliber of Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and, sadly, Prince. Today's pop artists come and go, and their music is almost disposable. It's rare that kids will listen to last year's chart toppers. In that environment, streaming makes sense. Why own when for $10 per month you can get access to just about every artist and hit, old and new? This is why Apple Music is so important, now, and revamping it is essential if Apple is going to continue to dominate the music scene which is increasingly dependent on streaming and not outright sales of songs.

Another reason for the revamp could be integration with television. For years, Apple has been on the verge of offering a true Apple TV experience, where users could pick and choose what channels or programs they want access to, and Apple could offer a superior interface versus that of cable boxes. Combined with the Siri Remote and voice control, the time is right to make Apple TV part of Apple Music and create an Apple Entertainment offering, combining music and television, at a convenient price point and user interface. That is something music streaming services could not do nor could video services like Netflix. Only Amazon and Google could try to match Apple, and if they do, consumers may finally get the competition to cable TV that they've been lacking.

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