It's Happening! Here's What to Expect from Apple's October 30 Event

It's happening! Today Apple announced a second fall 2018 event, set to take place on October 30. Presumably to wow us with new iPads and Macs. But not in California; Apple is holding this event in Brooklyn! We've got the details on how to watch the event and what Apple is expected to announce. Following the September Apple announcement, we were all excited to meet our new iPhones but admittedly a bit disappointed not to have any news about the next iPad or Mac upgrades. Since then, we've been keeping our ears open and our eyes peeled for an October announcement. Today, Apple sent out its media invites (and updated the company event page) to announce that there's "more in the making." Read on to get a taste of what we're anticipating with the upcoming Apple event.

Here at iPhone Life HQ, we are getting hyped for the late October announcement headed our way. Everyone was starting to wonder whether or not Apple would have anything new for October. After all, the September announcement showed how much time Apple invested in its Series 4 watch and it was clear the company had put a lot of time into upgrading the iPhone's hardware. We were all hoping for an October announcement, but we weren't holding our breath.

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Today, Apple sent out a collection of unique invite designs to members of the media and updated its event page with save-the-date for October 30, at 10 a.m. EDT. A kind soul over at The Verge collected all the media invites in this image below, and the designs look neat:

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If, like me, you remember the '80s, then these classic designs might remind you of a little program called MacPaint. The raster drawing program used simple brushes, shape drawing tools, and color-fill buckets of digital paint to create what were then cutting-edge digital designs. The media invites for the upcoming Apple announcement are nostalgic reminders of Apple's early days. If the rumors are correct, then these designs support the hype that an upgraded iPad and MacBook Air are in the making.

Of course, the iPad and MacBook Air are for more than making pretty pictures. You can check out our article on iPad rumors by Leanne Hays for more in-depth whispers about what we're hoping for in a new iPad. 

We're still holding our breath for the AirPower and new AirPods, but so far there haven't been hearing any rumors supporting either. Of course, Apple loves to throw in last minute surprises at the end of every announcement, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Either way, we'll be watching on October 30 at 10 a.m. EDT, and we'll definitely be the first in line for whatever Tim is selling us.

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