Get Ready! Apple to Announce New iPhones on September 10

It's official! Apple has updated its events page and sent out press invitations for a September 10 event where Tim Cook is expected to announce the iPhone 11. The invitation came with the tagline, "By innovation only," although it's not clear what specifically the tagline is referring to. We've got the details on how to watch the event and what Apple is expected to announce. Read on to learn what to expect from  the upcoming fall Apple event. 

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The event will be held on Tuesday, September 10, at 10 a.m. PT in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple's Cupertino headquarters. While we've heard lots of rumors about what to expect from the new iPhones (new names, a third camera lens, bi-directional charging), it's less clear what else Tim Cook and company might announce during the event. Apple has traditionally announced the newest iteration of the Apple Watch during its iPhone events, and Apple Watch Series 5 rumors support this. But it seems likely that any new iPad or MacBook announcements will come during a second fall event, possibly in October. Regardless, we know for sure that Apple will be focusing on innovation, whatever it announces. Here's what our editor in chief, Donna Cleveland, and our CEO, David Averbach, predict Apple will announce on September 10:

On the day of the event, Apple fans will be able to go to the Apple Event app on their Apple TVs or watch the livestream on the Apple Events page in order to find out for themselves what Apple ultimately announces. We will also be covering the event at So check back for more updates September 10 approaches!

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