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As any sports fan knows, there's a lot more to keep track of when following your favorite teams or sports than just the scores. Team and individual rankings, decisions made on and off the field, and where the game is taking place can have an impact on not just an individual player but the whole team. For comprehensive coverage of sports that includes all of the above and more, check out Yahoo Sports.

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Yahoo Sports (Free)

What It Is

Yahoo Sports provides news, scores, and livestreams of various sports. Browse game schedules with  player stats, team ranking, and which time certain TV stations will broadcast the game. Sign in with your Yahoo account or create one with your existing email to keep up with current and trending information. Also available for Yahoo account users are exclusive features such as the Yahoo Fantasy Slate Game. If fantasy football is a favorite hobby of yours, or something you've been wanting to try, Yahoo Sports has an easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is select your picks from a scrolling menu of choices of that week's upcoming game. As you add teams to your account's favorites, you'll stay informed about stats and news. This could go hand in hand with the fantasy game as your picks can be made knowing just how well teams and players have been doing this season.

Why We Love It

Stay up to date with your favorite teams and navigate between scores, stats, and news. Yahoo Sports has an excellent writing team including award-winning and best-selling authors such as Dan Wetzel and Pete Thamer. You can set reminders for game times, and if you're not able to watch a game or stream it on the app, scores are often updated in real time with a time stamp at the bottom of the page. We've got a few sports fans here at iPhone Life who use Yahoo Sports because the app provides simple and clear information about their favorite teams, updates regularly, and gives its users an edge with its quick reporting.

Watch Live Sports without Cable

The biggest advantage of Yahoo Sports is being able to watch NFL games free with livestreams of local and primetime games. You won't fall asleep on the couch as you'll be able to enjoy night games anywhere you'd like on your device. For NBA games, Yahoo Sports offers a season pass to watch all games for $199.99. For other sports, check to see if livestream games are available. Highlights and news videos are available to view for free.

Yahoo Sports is packed with everything you can imagine to keep you informed about what's going on with your favorite teams and more. Even if you've been a sports fan for as long as you can remember, Yahoo Sports can give you advantages in staying ahead of the game.

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