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Have you ever wished you could take a college class just to learn about something more in-depth? With Udemy, short for You Academy, you can find a course covering almost anything you can think of and follow along on your own schedule. Udemy hosts over 80,000 courses uploaded from all over the world, with instructional videos on topics ranging from how to make your own sourdough bread to how to use a new coding program.

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Udemy (Varies)

What It Is

A globally available online learning platform, Udemy boasts thousands of course lessons in almost as many subjects that can be accessed by iPhone and iPad users through the platform's iOS app. Typically consisting of a mix of videos, articles, and quizzes, Udemy courses aren't an interactive experience, but a visual archive of resources. If you're someone who can learn by watching or following along, Udemy could prove to be a treasure trove of knowledge about almost anything you've wanted to know about or try for yourself. Courses are taught by their creators (called instructors), who aren't limited to being professional teachers but are on average experienced people sharing their knowledge.  

Why We Love It

I'm someone who thinks, "I want to learn how to do that," about five times a week. With Udemy, I can find a course and turn that thought into an action. When I enroll in a course, there's no stress of a time limit. In fact, I'll have lifetime access to the course as long as it's available on Udemy. This also means I can take as long as I want with a lesson. All I have to do is pause and I can pick right up where I left off when I'm ready to jump back in. I can also download lessons to view when I'm offline. With the Wishlist I can save classes I'm considering taking in the future; so when I'm ready for something new, I already have a list of options that have struck my interest. 

Course Variety

Udemy is most widely known for its technical courses in programming and design. However, the categories and subcategories of courses available on Udemy extend into creative and educational topics, and even the everyday practicabilities of life. There are art courses and  lessons to help with career development, and if you've got a self-improvement scratch to itch, there are heaps of classes for learning about the subtle effects of body language and more.  If you want to improve your skill set in any area, not just job skills, Udemy can guide you along a hobby, like how to make your own soap or self-publish a book online. You can also learn a language, learn how to perform CPR, or become more knowledgeable on a subject like Greek history. While Udemy is not accredited and can't provide certification valid for most employment prospects, Udemy is a great supplemental source and any certification earned from completing courses is at least worth mentioning on your resume.

Choose What's Right For You

Udemy gives detailed information about course content so you can sign up with confidence. Each course has a preview video available to help you get a feel for the course, and some have previews of a lesson or two. Typically a lesson outline is shown, along with video length and if there are any articles or quizzes. You can read the instructor's bio and read reviews of past students of the course. After enrollment, there's the option to directly message the instructor with any questions you may have as you take the course, and there may even be an active community discussion. If you're not satisfied with a course, you'll be able to ask for a refund within 30 days of enrollment.


Prices for courses are set by the instructors and not Udemy. While several free courses are available, they're easiest to find within a category's search filter. Udemy commonly has sale promotions on courses across the platform for days at a time, which instructors have to opt into. You could also find a referral code or Instructor Coupon Code for specific courses with an internet search. Any course that's being sold for more than free on Udemy can't be offered for free on any other site, so you don't have to be too vigilant about whether you're getting the best price. Price for courses not participating in any coupon or sales promotions range from $19.99–$199.99, with lifetime access to the course.

If you consider yourself a visual learner, or just want to satisfy your curiosity on just about any topic, Udemy is a great source for learning.

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