Announcing the Winner of Our Win Apple's New Lineup Giveaway

Back in October 2017, we partnered with Nomad, StackSocial, and Cool Material to launch Win Apple's New Lineup Giveaway. The prize included an iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPad Pro, HomePod, AirPods, and a $200 Nomad gift card. This giveaway was the biggest Apple bundle we’ve ever given away, with a value totalling over two thousand eight hundred dollars. After receiving over 30,000 entries, we finally have our winner! 

Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Michael Ware!! Our Grand Prize Winner!

Grand Prize: Apple iPhone X 64 GB, Apple 64 GB Wi-Fi Only10.5-inch iPad Pro, Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS 42mm, Apple HomePod, Apple AirPods, an Apple TV 4K, and a $200 gift card at—altogether valued at​ $2,864.

Michael on Winning Apple's New Lineup Giveaway:

“I'd would like to thank and all of their sponsors for such a great prize. I've never won a contest like this before and am thrilled beyond belief!!! It'll be fantastic to be able to upgrade my current phone and computer to the latest and greatest Apple products! Thanks again!!”

We want to give a huge thanks to everyone that entered this giveaway. We love giving away Apple products, and partnering with other companies to bring you the ultimate Apple giveaway was awesome. We certainly will be hosting more in the future, so sign up at to make sure you’re the first to know about it.

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Noah Siemsen

Noah Siemsen is the Chief Operating Officer for Mango Life Media LLC and iPhone Life magazine and has been an Apple enthusiast since his father purchased the original Macintosh for their home-based graphics arts studio. Throughout his career, Noah has worked extensively in product development, product design, graphic design, information systems, marketing, and as an executive officer. However, his true passion comes from helping people. He loves working with iPhone Life to help people get the most out of their Apple products.