Afraid of Shark Attacks? Selfies Are Deadlier

Next time you go to take a selfie, make sure your life isn’t in danger first. According to the Telegraph, there have been 12 selfie deaths in 2015 alone. Compare that number to the eight people who were killed by a shark. Is this what Darwin meant by survival of the fittest?

In July, a woman was killed by a bison when she tried to pose for a selfie with it. In January, three students died by oncoming train when trying to take a “daredevil” photo. A man in California was hospitalized for five days after snapping a picture with a rattlesnake. There’s even a Wikipedia page listing selfie-related injuries and deaths. Meanwhile, selfie deaths are rampant enough in Russia that the government released a guide on “how not to die while taking a picture of yourself”.

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The most common deaths by selfie involve falling, oncoming vehicles, wild animals, and posing with weapons. Two young men died in the Ural mountains attempting to take a selfie with a grenade...after pulling the pin. Statistically, we’re seeing mostly young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 risking their lives for a captured moment, according to the Telegraph. It’s hard not to make light of these tragedies when the deaths are so preventable, but the next time you’re at the beach, at least you'll be less afraid of the sharks. Just, try not to take a picture with one.


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