Scosche: Power Your iPhone with Certified Qi Magic

Not all Qi wireless devices are made equal. For a wireless charger to be optomized for your iPhone, it needs to have a low enough magnetic field that it won’t damage your phone while still being powerful enough to provide a charge. To get the right voltage for your device, you need a product that’s Qi certified; that’s where the new family of chargers by Scosche comes into play. Read on to learn more about our favorite chargers in the MagicMount Charge series and how Scosche keeps your devices charged everywhere you go.

Scosche has invested in Qi technology from the beginning and their chargers just keep getting better. With each new iteration of the iPhone and iPad, Scosche has introduced a new family of chargers optimized for your device. These chargers don’t just keep your iPhone charged at home; there’s a MagicMount Charge available for any situation. We’ll just cover a few of the available devices here, but for every charger I mention in this article there are four more available to fit your needs.

MagicMount Pro Charge

Home/Office Mount

This charger is great for your home or office. The unit curves upwards with an adjustable plate so that you can view your device at any angle. You can even flip the plate for either a landscape or portrait view; reading your wireless recipes or pulling up an important email just got a lot easier with the MagicMount Pro.

Window/Dash Mount

Take Scosche’s adjustable plate on the road with the MagicMount Pro Charge for your window or dash board. This charger uses the same technology as the home/office mount of the same name with added car-friendly features. TheStickGrip Suction Base hans on tight to your car while the lock-nut on the adjustable plate provides secure positioning so you can view your iPhone at any angle without having to worry about taking a sharp turn.

Car Vent

Have a vent you’re not using? The MagicMount Pro Charge for the vent is the charger for you. This mount is a great option if you’re looking for a practical way to bring the MagicMount Pro Charge on the road. Like all the other car mounts listed, this mount is flexible enough for you to find the perfect angle.

MagicMount Charge Surface

This portable charger goes everywhere you go. With a car adapter and micro cable, you can keep your Charge Surface powered at home, the coffee shop, and in the car. The small design with a stick grip mat that secures your charger to any flat surface makes this mount even more versatile; finding a spot to fill up your battery has never been more convenient.

QiDock Powerbank

Tired of searching for a place to plug in your charger at airport terminals and coffee shops? Take the magic of Qi certified power anywhere you go with this portable charger. The QiDock Powerbank packs a powerful punch. You’ll be able to charge your iPhone quickly and to full capacity wherever your wanderlust takes you.


There are many more Qi certified mounts available in Scosche’s MagicMount Charge collection. Visit their online store and get your own piece of the wireless magic today.

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