6 Awesome Gifts under $60 for the Apple Lover in Your Life

It’s amazing the products you find available for the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch when you delve into the Internet rabbit hole. A friend recently sent me to a website called Fancy for finding lesser-known gadgets at good prices. Needless to say, I found a lot of awesome gifts, whether you buy them for friends and family or to treat yourself. Featuring gifts that range from the practical to the whimsical, here’s my roundup of great gifts for the Apple lover in your life.

Apple Watch Charging Dock ($28)

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This 100% wood, eco-friendly charging dock is available in brown Walnut wood and white Beech wood. A fairly simple setup, you run your cord through and slip the charging station into the slot, allowing it to flesh with the wood. I love the look of metal on wood; the combination gives the watch and dock a classic elegance.


Car Back Seat Holder for iPad/iPhone ($28)

Perfect for the iPad user with children, this holder clamps to the back of the front seat for rear-passenger viewing. Especially handy for long road trips with the kids, the clamp rotates 360 degrees and is able to accommodate both the iPad and iPhone. For kids, it’s the gift of hands-free entertainment. For adults, it’s the gift of silence.


Red Wine iPhone Cases ($12)

We all either know or are a lover of wine. I couldn’t pass up this adorable iPhone case for the wino you love. Available for old and new iPhone models, the red ‘wine’ liquid moves with the angle of the case for a lava-lamp like appearance.


Super Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder Mount Dash For iPhone ($8)

Easily drive hands-free with this magnetic iPhone holder for your dash. Able to swivel and rotate 360 degrees, you can easily mount and dismount your device as you go from point A to point B. The strong magnet holds your phone in place while the swivel allows you to keep an eye on directions or make a hands-free call.


Leather Lightning Cable ($29)

Take your charging life up a notch with this leather wrapped lightning cable. Made of handcrafted, premium leather with aluminium shell connectors, you’ll charge your iPhone or iPad with some seriously classy style.


SleepPhones Microphone Headphones ($60)

It’s nearly impossible to wear headphones and sleep in a natural position. No more! These headphones were designed to help you relax without the bulk of earphones. The headband design is washable and made of lightweight fleece for super comfy listening. Perfect for late night music listeners as well as travelers and exercise enthusiasts.


Top Image Credit: Kikovic/Shutterstock.com

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