5 Stellar iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Accessories

I’ve really enjoyed seeing more and more amazing accessories for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil come to market. People are looking at this awesome device and saying, “You know what, I have an idea of how to make it even better.” That’s the kind of iPad Pro accessories I look for: items that will either take your creativity and productivity to the next level or make the journey there as smooth as possible. Here are five of my favorite iPad Pro accessories I’m seeing now, and for more, check out my past Top iPad Pro gear roundup.

Pencil Case for Apple Pencil (Coming Soon)

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This item hasn’t even officially hit the market yet, but you can sign up now to be notified when it’s available. This is a brilliantly simple idea: a retractable Apple Pencil case that allows you to use the pencil within its case. It’s designed to feel like a marker in your hand, so think Sharpie round tip. The case twists to reveal the tip of the pencil for use or twists to conceal the tip and reveal the other side of the pencil, where the charger is located. It also has a magnet for docking your Apple Pencil easily on your iPad.


The Mapmaker FYL Backpack ($159.99)

Need to carry around more than just your iPad Pro safely and securely? Not only is this backpack absolutely stunning, but also it’s made to fit the iPad Pro or a laptop, plus anything else you might want to carry in your mobile office. Better yet, it even has a built-in battery pack for recharging your devices on the go.


Create Keyboard Case by Logitech ($149.99)

Need a keyboard for your giant tablet? Logitech has never let me down. The Create keyboard utilizes the iPad Pro’s Smart Connect feature so it works immediately, no need to connect to Bluetooth. The case/keyboard provides holes for speakers and includes volume buttons right on the side. Plus, when you close the case your iPad automatically goes to sleep, conserving battery life.


Canvas Creator Lapdesk ($69.99)

The lapdesk to end all lapdesks, iSkelter’s Canvas Creator is perfect for working with the heavy iPad on your lap. The Canvas Creator has a slot for the Apple Pencil and a back slot for viewing video on the Pro or using another device as a second screen. I had a chance to test out the Canvas Creator; it’s made of unstained wood with a soft felt inlay for protecting the back of the iPad. If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s even a Pro version of the lapdesk with a station to set your all-important caffeine boost.


Cove USB Charging Station ($250)

This charging station is seriously elegant. Big enough to be its own counter-top appliance, the Cove could be the perfect charging station for an entire family. Charge multiple iPhones, iPads, and other USB devices while keeping them hidden in this classy container. The iPad Pro will take up one entire shelf; but the Cove includes three, so that’s no deal breaker. There’s also a lip on the front cover of the Cove where an iPad could be propped up for viewing.

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