5 (More) Best Apps for iPad Pro

We brought you a best apps roundup for the iPad Pro a couple weeks ago, but more apps are being optimized for the tablet all the time. While those apps are still amazing and you should definitely give them a try, here’s five more of the best apps for the iPad Pro to sink your teeth into. We’ll feature an epic gaming app for iPad Pro and apps to take your productivity up a notch.

Replay Video Editor (free)

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Replay Video Editor is designed to be super easy while providing powerful video editing features. It won app of the year in 2014 and has since gone on to make even more fantastic improvements. Available on the iPhone as well, the app’s capabilities are utilized best on the large iPad Pro screen. If you have the iPhone 6s, you’ll also be able to edit those Live Photos with special effects designed specifically for them.


Drafts 4 ($9.99)

Drafts is the ultimate writing tool for iOS. The app focuses on providing blank space for capturing thoughts and makes it super easy to share your words across whichever platform you need. The app also features Javascript and Markdown support, as well as multi-step actions that allow you to share and send your text to multiple places or apps with one tap.


Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade (free)

Go into battle in Warhammer. The intricate detail of the game looks glorious on the iPad Pro screen in this action packed game. Take command of the Imperial Knight as you tap to shoot, and enter epic combat battles with your Chainsword. Design the look of your Freeblade, equip your Knight with powerful weapons, and compete in daily events.


Morpholio Trace (free)

Perfect for everyone from Architects and Graphic Designers to Tattoo Artists and Screenwriters, Morpholio is a tracing app that really shines on the iPad Pro’s large screen. You can import images or backgrounds, create layers with virtual paper, and trace whatever sketches or designs needed. The app is loved among its users for mimicking the feel of tracing paper perfectly.


Duet Display ($9.99)

Voted the #1 iPad Paid App in 20 countries, Duet Display is the ultimate productivity tool. Turn your iPad Pro into a second monitor for your Mac and work more effectively. The app is beloved by many and stays true to its no-lag promise. One customer wrote, “[It’s an] amazing solution for me... Works as I was hoping for and actually my main reason for getting an iPad.”


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