5 Best iOS Apps for Booking Travel

Summer's here and it's high time for getting away on summer vacation. Taking time to relax, enjoy nature, and see different places is such a great way to expand one's perspectives, broaden one's horizons, and rest and recuperate from our busy and hectic schedules. When it comes to finding the best deals and the most value for our vacations, there are no shortage of useful iOS apps to help us with our travel planning. These are our 5 favorites...


Expedia (Free)

5 Best Apps for Booking Travels.

Expedia has been around for awhile, and in that time it has not only helped establish the definition of what a good travel booking app can be, the travel booking company also refined its app so that it really does provide an intuitive and pleasant mobile booking experience. Whether it's hotels, flight, cars, or activities, Expedia will present you with some of the best travel options for your lifestyle and budget, and the app couldn't be more of a breeze to navigate.

Wanderu (Free)

5 Best Apps for Booking Travels.

Flying isn't necessarily the preferred means of transportation for everyone, so for those who'd prefer ground transport, there's Wanderu. If the bus or the train is the best way for you to get where you are going, then Wanderu is a must-have app. It offers comprehensive travel information for those opting for ground travel and is one of the best ways to secure the cheapest pricing on train and bus reservations.

Uber (Free)

5 Best Apps for Booking Travels.
Despite its fair share of controversy, Uber is a wildly popular, crowd-sourced means of transportation. Uber allows users to connect in real time with local residents who are registered Uber drivers. Let's say you are visiting Chicago to see a concert, and you want a ride to the show's venue, or perhaps you've made it to London and you need a lift to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace; Uber lets you punch in your pick-up point and your drop-off point, and then shows you a map with the available Uber drivers in your area. Then it's just a matter of picking the driver that best suits you, based on the car, the cost, and the distance the driver is from you.

Skiplagged (Free)

5 Best Apps for Booking Travels.
Skipplagged is an app that helps you book flights for timeswhen your destination is the final stop, but it also lets you book flights where your destination is not the airline's final stop, but rather just a layover en route. This can be advantageous due to the fact that airlines tend to charge less (at times as much as 80 percent less) for partially used flight services. Without going into technical details, it's something that has to do with the airline's pricing strategies to remain competitive in the industry. Essentially, Skiplagged lets users purchase more of a service than they need, for less. So if you are trying to get to the Virgin Islands for instance, and a flight happens to be traveling onward to Curacao or Guayana, you'll save money with Skiplagged if you hop on that flight but only take it halfway. It's an interesting strategy, and of course, there are some caveats, such as not being able to check any luggage (it would end up at the flight's final destination) and having to book two one-way trips to get home, as opposed to being able to buy a round trip. Still, if the conditions of traveling using Skiplagged as your booking agent are acceptable, it's a great way to explore the world at a deep discount.

Groupon (Free)

5 Best Apps for Booking Travels.
Groupon uses your location to pull information about special sales and discount offers from whatever community you happen to find yourself visiting. This could take the form of special offers for hotels, restaurants, and bars or coupons for public attractions like aquariums and museums or local events like yoga classes or zip lining. Groupon is like the Amazon of the coupon world and if you are looking for the best local deals while on your adventures, Groupon is an essential and useful travel tool.

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