5 Awesome Tech Podcasts to Subscribe to Today

Podcasts are basically the modern version of radio, except anyone can be a host. You can search for podcasts, download, and listen to them via Apple’s Podcast app or a preferred third-party platform. There’s categories ranging from Comedy to Religion and everything in between. Today, I’m going to feature five awesome podcasts that are apart of the Technology section. So check them out and hit that subscribe button.

The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte

This bi-weekly, two hour radio show covers everything tech and Laporte is great a explaining it. From large companies to the latest gadgets, Laporte Emmy-award-winning tech journalist and entrepreneur with insightful opinions and great audience question and answer.

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ios 12 guide - a step-by-step guide to all the new features


Rocket is an all-female cast of hosts discussing everything technology from the latest movies and games to tech and comics. No universe is off the limits for them. For delightful banter on all things geek, this is a great podcast with a lot of spunk and fun.


iPhone Life Podcast

You don’t think I’d forget iPhone Life’s podcast, do you? Sit down with the iPhone Life staff as we discuss the latest news, tops tips, our favorite apps and gear, and explore a topic of interest such as Parenting in the Mobile Age or Replacing Cable with Apple TV. For all things Apple and iPhone, we got you covered.


Tech Talker's Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

Don’t have time for long podcasts? Tech Talker provides quick and to-the-point tips and solutions. His podcasts usually last under ten minutes and focus on a single subject or questions such as Why We Need Encryption or How to Make Money on YouTube.



Analog(ue) takes a different approach to a tech podcast. Instead of just talking about the digital devices, the show focuses on how our devices make us feel and how they’ve changed our lives for better and for worse. They discuss such topics as integrating your Apple Watch into your daily routine or finding time to code on the weekend.



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