5 Awesome Apps for iPad Pro

Now that there are two different sizes available for the iPad Pro, a wider range of people will likely be interested. For example, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro might work best for artists who want a larger canvas. Meanwhile, as a writer, I would love the 9.7-inch iPad Pro for use as a notebook. I’ve written multiple articles at this point including great gear and apps for the iPad Pro, but this is the first one since Apple announced the smaller model. Here’s five awesome apps for either model of iPad Pro.

Sunrise Calendar (Free)

If you’re someone who has multiple calendars with different platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc — Sunrise Calendar could make your day. Personally, I’ve never quite liked either Google Calendar or the Apple Calendar app. When I found Sunrise I was over-the-moon happy with its layout and ease of use. Even my Reminders are added to my Sunrise Calendar which is essential for me since I use it to add any event that comes up to my schedule. I highly recommend giving this a try if you’ve never been satisfied with digital calendars. It also syncs across all devices for ease of use on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macbook.


Coda ($9.99)

Coda is a text editor with syntax highlighting for a range of programs from HTML to Javascript. This app is perfect for iPad, because it truly shines with using Multitasking functions. The ability to code on one half of your screen while seeing a preview on the opposite side will save coders time and frustration.


Ulysses Mobile ($24.99)

For writers, Ulysses Mobile is a beloved text editor with markup for headlines, comments, quotes, and more. Plus, it has the ability to sync across all devices. If you’re going to use the iPad to get a lot of writing work done, this app is a must. It takes everything you need and combines it into a clean, distraction-free app. Perfect for creating web pages, pdfs, and ebooks from any device.


Slack (Free)

If you’re working remotely from your iPad or need to stay in touch with a team, Slack is the new Skype. Although you can’t make video calls (yet), Slack is the perfect messaging system for groups with specific channels and direct messaging. We use it at iPhone Life everyday. My favorite feature is the ability to add a random gif to any message with a quick shorthand. Simply put, Slack just works, and it makes working smoother.


Pigment (Free)

This is the only app that currently mimics the coloring experience. There are plenty of apps which allow you to select areas of a picture to ‘fill’ with color, but Pigment utilizes the Apple Pencil for an app that is just like using a coloring book. Coloring is the latest trend for over-stressed adults who need to unwind, and Pigment is a brilliant app for that.


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