3 No-Gimmick Apps That Make You Money

Doing the research for this app roundup, I was surprised to find huge lists of apps that will make you money. But upon closer look, the majority of those apps don’t pay cash. There are plenty of survey apps, receipt scan apps, and check-in apps that will have you earn points towards rewards like gift cards or sunglasses. I wanted to focus on apps that pay cash and don’t waste your time. Here’s three no-gimmick apps that can make you money.

Foap - sell your photos

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Turn your smartphone photos into stock images and sell them on Foap. Each image sells for $10, and the photographer gets $5. It integrates with PayPal for easy cashouts, has unlimited uploads, and could make you passive income. Just create a portfolio, upload your images, and get started. There are also Foap missions with higher cash values targeted for popular brands such as Mastercard and Hyatt.


Mobee - Earn Cash Secret Shopping

To my dismay, Mobee does indeed run on a point system. However, the app also offers cash payouts so I decided to include it in the roundup. It’s a simple enough idea: choose from a local retailer or eatery, answer some survey questions about your experience, and get redeemable points in return. Plus, it’s not an inconvenience since you can use it to visit places you would go anyway while earning a little extra money for doing so.


Pact: Earn Cash for Exercise, Healthy Living, and Eating Right

Having trouble sticking to an exercise regime or eating healthy? This app will pay you to stick to your goals...and charge you when you don’t. You get to decide how much money is on the line and set goals tailored to your life and fitness goals. It’s not a cash cow but you can earn a little extra cash while creating positive habits.


What no-gimmick money making apps have you found? Let us know in the comments.

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