3 Apps for People Who Love Bacon

People love bacon a lot. So much so that there used to be a dating app for meeting other bacon lovers, and the only criteria for compatibility were your bacon preferences. Love to listen to the rain? Well, how about an app for listening non-stop to the sound of bacon frying; there’s an app for that too. With such a loyal fan club, I decided an app roundup for people who love bacon was simply appropriate.

Simply Bacon (Free)

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Who wants to listen to the rain when you could listen to bacon being fried endlessly? This app is literally that. It’s a simple interface with a volume button, pause, and refresh. Open it up and listen to the sound of sweet, sweet bacon frying in the pan at anytime.


Hashtag Bacon (Free)

Chase after the pig by jumping over sleeping pigs and springs. Don’t step on a spring or you’ll go hurling into the air. It’s a super simple game; the only control is to tap to jump. Go as far as you can and bring home the bacon.

I Love Bacon (Free)

Another bacon-centric game, I Love Bacon is addicting to play. Super simple to play, your character sits at a table as a mix of vegetables and bacon come towards him. Be sure to only click the bacon or the game is over. Eat fast and avoid the veggies.


Top Image Credit: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock.com

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