3-in-1 Mousepad, LCD Notepad, & Qi Charger: Simplify Your Wireless Workflow with Nomodo

Your workday is busy, but your desk doesn’t have to be. Nomodo presents an innovative solution to office clutter with a 3-in-1 mousepad, notepad, and Qi charger that combines your workflow with a seamless synergy that will change the way you work. Read on to learn more about Nomodo’s ultra-portable and ultra-affordable solution to workflow clutter.

The Mousepad

The micro-textured mousepad provides a 12 by 9-inch surface that is as smooth as it is versatile. Use your optical or laser mouse to glide across the mousepad’s surface effortlessly. With its slim design, this mousepad travels with you wherever you need to go. Enjoy low friction and smooth scrolling anytime, anywhere.

The LCD Notepad

When you’re ready to take notes, flip and fold your mousepad to convert the device into the LCD notepad. You’ll love the included stylus that tucks discreetly and securely into the mousepad between use. Skip the clutter of paper notes and stay organized as you take notes using this Bluetooth LCD notepad.

The Qi Certified Charger

While you’re using the LCD notepad, take advantage of the integrated Qi charger to fill up your iPhone, AirPods, mouse, and compatible devices. Cut down on the cords and clear up your desktop by charging your devices at lightning speed. Visit Amazon today and pick up your Qi Wireless Charging Notepad+Mousepad from Nomodo for only $29.99.

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