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Siri gets corrected. No longer thinks the Lumia is the best Smart phone


Log this under Siri control:

A few days back we heard that if you asked Siri what the smartphone (not smart phone) is, it would reply back with the Lumia 900 by Nokia.  This is because the answer comes from Wolfram Alpha, a service Siri often queries. Wolfram Alpha's answer was based on "customer review average" across the Web.

The smartphone watch Pebble gets runkeeper as an app! 2 weeks left to get one


The Pebble, one of the coolest smart phone watches I have ever seen, now has it first app.  RunKeeper.  Now if you do not know what I'm talking about, you can read about it in my orginal post on the smartwatch on PeriVision: Here is some excerpts:

Seriouly Siri? You cannot find an abortion clinic?


The news about Siri not being able to find abortion clinics when doing a search broke a few days back, so this post is not to 'break' the news as much as to ask the question; is Siri's inability to find an abortion clinic purposeful programming or just an glitch?  I grabbed a 4G and did some testing myself and confirmed what has been reported.

Goodbye Steve


As you all know by now, Steve Jobs passed away today, Oct 5th 2011. I wanted to make a quick comment here. I was never an Apple fanboy. I'm probably the only person who writes mostly about the iPhone and yet uses a PC more than a Mac. However, I wanted to say that today, I have to give my respects to a man who did more to bring the concept of elegance and grace to tech devices than anyone else in history.

I go into it more here, RIP Steve, your work was an exercise in grace.

A cool iphone battery shell that feels like a normal shell


Its conference season and the same two things happen to me at EVERY conference..  First; at some point, the wifi will go down and normally JUST as I need it which makes iphone tethering a MUST and Second; my iphone will run out of battery.

Why vBookz is more then just another ePub reader

Todd Bernard did a nice write up on vBookz back in Aug.  Well V2 of vBookz came out and although there are few cool new things about it; like:

Think using the iphone / ipad for guitar effects is just a toy? I think Richard Fortus may have something to say about that

Nate Adcock  already posted a short blog on the Amplitube iRig, and I have written about Amplitube here, but I got a press release a few weeks back about “Kurt the Cyber Guy” and AmpliTube iRig with 311’s Nick Hexum on TV.  I went to the site to look for this clip thinking it would be neat to share and instead found this clip of Richard Fortus of Gun n Roses playing with the app.  I've been playing for a number of years myself and have experimented with the app and its pretty cool.  The only covate is if you are using a iphone3G,

Write Apps for iOS without knowing CoCo using Corona! Its out of Beta today!


We have all heard about Adobe getting back to work on putting post to iOS back into CS5.  Since many of the people who were working on that left, it will take some time for them to get the wheels rolling again.  Cant wait?  You dont have to!  You can start building some cool app including physics based 2D games now with Corona which is coming out of Beta today!  Here is the catch though.. You will write using Lua instead of Actionscipt.  So why Lua, I asked Walter Luh, the Co-founder/CTO, Ansca Mobile.

Adobe is back at work creating a publish to iOS for CS5, but it may take awhile

As Jim posted yesterday, Apple has changed their policy on 3rd party compilers for creating iOS apps.  This of course is great news especially for the hords of actionscript programmers out there that never made the leap to CoCo. But do not expect it too soon. As mentioned in a seperate post yesterday on Adobe returning to work, we may not see the plugin released all that soon.  The issue is many of the people that worked on that project have left and some of them have already formed new companies.

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