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The Griffin Beacon Remote Control


The Griffin Beacon is a universal remote control for IOS devices. You can pair an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with the unit via Bluetooth. The Beacon then converts the signals to Infrared to transmit to your TV.

After your devices are paired via Bluetooth the next step is to download the dijit app from the iTunes store. It's free. The Beacon's Bluetooth range is about 30 feet. It will stay connected for about 60 minutes and reconnect when you move back in range.

After 60 minutes, Beacon switches to low power mode to conserve battery life. Note that you can check the battery level in digit's Settings mode.

To reconnect, you must go through the Bluetooth pairing process, which is quick and seamless.

Griffin Smart Talk Solar



With more and more states getting on the bandwagon and making illegal to talk on a cell phone or text while driving, it's a good idea to have a safe solution that will allow you to talk hands free. Here comes Griffin Smart Talk Solar to the rescue.  I can't tell you how it makes me shutter when I see a soccer mom with a van full of kids yacking away on her phone. I don't even want to think about texting while you drive.

What makes Smart Talk special is that it is solar powered thus eliminating the unsightly and cumbersome power cord of other hands free devices. It comes with a clear plastic case with two suction cups that attach to the windshield, window, or dashboard.

Cellink U: a veritable Swiss Army Knife


What will Cellink U do for you? It's an amazing multifunctional Swiss Army Knife everyone will want to have in his or her pocket.

It's a power backup. If you run out of battery on your mobile device, Cellink U can come to the rescue. It will give you an extra 90 minutes of talk time. or two days of standby time. It is supposed to give your device battery a 40% charge boost. It can be used with phones, GPS, cameras, and other mobile devices.

iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway 5/11


Every weekend we will be raffling off tons of great apps and accessories for FREE. Here's how it works: Every Friday we will announce the prizes being given away through iPhoneLife.com, Facebook, and Twitter. To enter the giveaway, go to iPhoneLife.com/giveaways. On Monday morning we will randomly select the winners. If you win an app, we will email you the promo code to redeem the app for free. If you win an accessory, we will mail it to you.

iHangy evolves and adds earbuds to their already cool iPhone necklace.

I've written before about the iHangy iPhone necklace and it's been well received everywhere I've worn mine. But the one thing many folks have asked for are integrated earbuds. Those wishes have been addressed.

MatchBook Pro iPhone case encourages you to play with matches, but it's safe!

When I saw the MatchBook Pro (no, that's not a typo for MacBook Pro) I was intrigued. I don't smoke, but I light candles occasionally so the exposed 'matches' that really function as a kickstand are a neat touch.

The case itself is well made, with a felt lining to protect your iPhone 4 or 4S, and a hard shell exterior. The 'matches' have a rubber tip which helps keep the case stationary when the kickstand is in use.

Gumdrop tackles the hard job of rapidly making a rugged case for the new iPad

Thanks to Apple's secrecy, when they Introduce a new gadget, case makers have to scramble to make accessories that fit it properly. The new iPad is a perfect example, yet Gumdrop was able to create and ship their ruggedized Gumdrop Drop Tech case rather quickly. In fact,while the case I received fit my new iPad perfectly, though the package it shipped in still said iPad 2, but it had a sticker indicating support for the new iPad.

Review: Qmadix Vehicle Power Charger with Auxiliary USB Port


I’ve switched recently from a single function power charger in my car to the Qmadix Vehicle Power Charger with Auxiliary USB Port. The white product with blue glow (from the internal LED indicating the unit has power) is well made and offer good utility. I evaluate different phones and different cases all the time. Some of the cases actually hide the Apple connector, and of course, on other phones, they range from proprietary to mini-and-micro USB. And if you have two devices, like an iPhone or iPad, then you usually need two chargers. Not so with this charger.

Mohu Bounce Review - Boost your WiFi signal!


My WiFi point of presence is in my basement. That's where the internet service provider installer guy had to put it. I mostly work 2 floors above that level, so getting a steady WiFi signal with all the interference in my neighborhood is somewhat a dicey proposition. My router was provided by the service company, so it's not exactly standard or easily configured (though I have tweaked on it a bit). I have been looking for a way to boost my upstairs WiFi reception for years, and didn't want to fuss with repeaters, or adding another AP. I think I may have finally found one of the easiest and cheapest ways to solve this problem. The Mohu Bounce...

Ten One's Magnus is a magnificent work of design, if you like your iPad naked

The folks at Ten One have been making iOS accessories since the early days, with their Pogo stylus, but their latest creation is something quite unique. Suppose you want to keep your iPad naked, without a case, and you want to prop it up,with a stand. Most stands are obtrusive and take away from the iPad's sleek look. Not the Magnus. It is a slick chunk of aluminum with a few pads for protection, and some hidden magnets, like Apple's SmartCover. This allows the iPad to magically 'stick' to the stand, although it must do so in exactly one configuration, landscape with the dock connector on the right.

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