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Speed up Safari: clear its cache


Safari - how to clear your cacheThe cache is used to store images and html documents for Web pages you have recently visited. It speeds up the loading of Web pages if you go back to a page you've already visited. The problem is that the amount of memory allocated for the cache is limited. If it is full and you go to a new Web site, it has to delete some of the existing files before it can save new ones. If Safari is loading games slowly or hanging up frequently, you may need to Clear is file cache.

Clear out the file cache, history, and cookies folder by going to Home >Settings >Safari.

Restrict use of content and apps


With OS 3.0, you can restrict the use of certain content and apps on an iPhone or iPod touch. For example, you can disallow the downloading of explicit audio/video content purchased via iTunes; disable Safari, YouTube, the iTunes Music and App stores; block the installation of third-party apps and, on an iPhone, disable the Camera app as well. The icons for the disabled apps disappear from the Home screen. Here’s how you do it:

Enable AutoFill to enter contact info, usernames, and passwords automatically


AutoFillMany Web sites have “Web forms” you need to fill out. For example, you may need to enter your name and address when you purchase something online, or you may have to enter a username and password to log onto a Web site. The new OS comes with an AutoFill feature that lets you use Contact info to fill out Web forms. It also lets your device “remember” usernames and passwords, and fills them in for you automatically. The AutoFill feature must be turned on before you can use it.

Open Web link in a new page


SafariNewPageWith OS 3.0, you can open a link in a new Web page. When you see a link you want to open press and hold the link until the pop-up menu appears. Then tap on the button labeled “Open in New Page.” You can also copy the link’s URL to the clipboard and paste it elsewhere.

iPhone Life Comes to Twitter


iPhone Life magazine has begun to post on a regular basis on Twitter. You'll find tips, tricks, news items, links to our blogs and other great information relating to the iPhone and iPod touch.

iPhone Life App available NOW as Web App


The long promised iPhone Life App is now available as an easy to install Web App. Eventually the App will be available in App Store. However, it functions as well or better as a Web App. It is a great window into the blogs, tips, reviews, and links on this site.


The iPhone Life App is easy to install:

 1. On your iPhone or iPod touch in Safari go to m.iphonelife.com     

 2. Touch Plus symbol.

 3. Do either or both: 

a. Add to Home Page (recommended for quick daily scan) 
b. Add Bookmark (recommended for in depth viewing and traversing.)

We hope you'll like it. We will track known bugs, provide app store information, and more at our iPhone Life App page.

Busy Web Product Manager Creates Time for Home Life

(Author’s note: This article is based on a conversation I had with Christian Zambrano, Project Manager of the JACI Group, Inc.)

PalringoChristian Zambrano’s work is never done! He works for a company that has a Midwest office and programming staff in India. Because of time differences, he gets urgent questions sent to him at all hours of the day. His iPhone lets him take the office with him. He can be anywhere and check his two work-related accounts and one personal e-mail account.


Great Internet-Based Apps

Amazon’s new Kindle app, Skype for iPhone, and more.

 My favorite iPhone apps continue to be those that let me conveniently access Internet content or take advantage of Internet-related services. Fortunately, most of the major players on the Internet are releasing iPhone apps, including Amazon’s Kindle, Skype, the Pandora music service, Facebook, and Google Earth. Best of all, they’re free. This column will give you a quick look at some of the best of these apps.


Want to make VoIP calls (Skype, Fring, Nimbuzz etc.) or watch TV (Sling, netTV) over 2G / 3G too?

Then, you’ll want to read bullet 5 (Voice calls over 2G/3G) of my (last) post HERE, in the “UPDATE (Jul/10/2009)” section.

The one and only REAL iPhone Instant Messenger roundup


With the Push support in the iPhone OS 3, the iPhone has become an excellent platform for instant messaging.

Before the Push support, you could only keep them listening using hacks like Backgrounder on jailbroken devices or using clients that forced the entire phone remain “alive”. Neither is an optimal solution. Now, the Push support provides the platform with something that, in some respects, is even better than the current instant messaging support on competing smartphone operating systems (at least Symbian S60, Blackberry and Windows Mobile).

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