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How do I use bookmarks?

Bookmark iconOnce you some bookmarks on your iOS device, bringing them up is simple.

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Tap on the Bookmarks icon (it looks like an open book). On the iPhone/iPod touch, it's located at the bottom of the page, on the iPad at the top and to the left of the Web address window. This opens Safari's Bookmarks list.


How do I add bookmarks?

When you're browsing the web and find a site you want to revisit, you'll want to bookmark it. Here's how you do it on your iOS device:

  1. ipadbookmarkOpen Safari and browse to the desired Web page.
  2. On the iPhone, tap on the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. On the iPod touch or iPad, tap on the Action button (it looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it) and tap the Save Bookmark button in the pop-up menu.


How do I see where a link is going to take me?

Link fraudWhile browsing the Web, you'll occasionally see links like, "You're today's lucky winner!" or "Find out more about Home Mortgages." You can tap on the link and see where it takes you, or you can look at the Web address associated with the link first and see if you want to even bother with it. Here's how you do it:

  1. Tap and hold down the link and wait for the pop-up menu to appear.
  2. Instead of tapping on one of the options, look at the top of the menu above the Open button.


How do I copy an embedded link address?

You can copy a link embedded in a Web page to your clipboard and then paste it into a text message, e-mail, or document. Here's how you do it:

  1. Copy embedded link addressOpen Safari, browse to the desire page, and find the embedded link.


How do I zoom in a Web page?

When you open Safari and start browsing around Web pages, you'll notice that you sometimes need eagle-like vision to read what's on the screen, especially on the iPhone and iPod touch.


Connecting to Internet and Managing Data: Introduction

One of the best things about your device is the ability to connect to the Internet from just about anywhere through nearby Wi-Fi networks or through your 3G data plan. Here we’ll show you how to manage your data usage, and how to connect and disconnect from the Internet with a few simple taps


Skyfire 3.0 released -- popular web browser lets you view Flash video, includes Facebook integration


Skyfire ($2.99) is one of the more popular alternatives to Safari. Unlike Safari, you can use it to view Flash videos. (Note that it doesn't support Flash games and apps, and it only supports selected Flash video sites.) Version 3.0 was released this week and adds deep Facebook Connect integration, social media feeds, and popular content recommendations, among other features. The video accompanying this post walks you through the new features.


YouTube: Much More than Silly Videos

Bone up on algebra, check out travel destinations, view product reviews, and make some money

youtube_logoYouTube first launched in 2005, and for the first few years it offered a limited selection of content consisting mainly of short and sometimes silly amateur videos that entertained viewers. Now, thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube each day, and many of them still fall into the "silly video" category. But a growing number provide interesting, educational, and professional content.


Goodies from the Mac Section of Brothersoft


Brothersoft, one of the leading software download websites in the world, has a Mac section (still in Beta) that offers more than a few goodies for new and old iOS users. As a new iOS user myself, I found their "Software for New Macfans" a nice place to start. Here are a few of the more interesting and impressive free apps and software I found:


Inside Pandora's Box: What Will We Find?



            Aren’t you interested to see whats inside Pandora’s box?  I thought so.  Well with Pandora Radio for the iPhone, it is much easier to make that happen.  Pandora Radio is an internet radio application for the device that allows the user to create their own channels specific to their likes an dislikes.  Music listening becomes much easier with this application because the user does not have to sit and listen to songs they do not like. 

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