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Convert videos to play on the iPhone or iPod touch


The iPhone and iPod touch supports video formats encoded using the MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs; video files encoded in these formats end with .m4v, .mp4 or .mov file extensions. If you have videos in other formats, you need to convert them to a compatible format before you can play them on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Veoh now has iPhone interface


Veoh, one of the more popular websites for video, has just launched a new iPhone-optimized version of their site. Just point your Safari at www.veoh.com, and it will automatically serve up the iPhone version. You can read more on the Veoh blog.

Videoconferencing may be coming

A post on the Wired blog reports that Apple's recently approved patent for the iPhone interface hints that videoconferencing may be coming to the iPhone. Apparently the patent specifies a lens that can be rotated backward or forward, with the touchscreen being used as the viewfinder. The blog post includes a schematic image from the patent application and relevant text related to the videoconferencing feature.

List of free TV show-streaming web sites

AllTechRelated has a great list of free TV show-streaming web sites for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's amazing what's available. I hope I'm not pointing you to something illegal, though some of the sites are obviously legitimate, such as the offerings from NBC and ESPN.

Update: this web page lists 3 Click, but as of a few days ago, the back door that someone had discovered to access the site for free was closed. Just as well, since I don't want to point you to anything that's not legal.

Sling to let you watch live TV on your iPhone


Sling Media has a really cool product that's long been available for other devices. It allows you to watch all of the content on your TV on your device — live. You connect their Slingbox (which costs anywhere from $180-300) to your TV inputs (such as cable or satellite) and to your Internet connection. Then with Sling Media software on your device, you're able to access your TV channels on your iPhone wherever you are.

Watch YouTube clips over Wi-Fi

Youtube videos on iPhone over WiFi screenshotYou can search on and play YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPod touch, but trying to watch YouTube videos over AT&T’s EDGE network can be agonizingly slow, and may not be doable at all. If possible, limit your YouTube watching to only those times when a Wi-Fi connection is available, which will make it a much more enjoyable experience.

Use iTunes to delete synced
 music, videos, or photos

To transfer music, video, and other content to your iPhone or iPod touch, you must sync with iTunes. Once you have disconnected from iTunes, you cannot delete the synced content directly from the device. You must reconnect to iTunes, deselect the content you want to remove in iTunes, and re-synchronize.

Listen to the audio portion of a video

This tip is particularly useful for music videos, allowing you to listen to the music without watching the video. Instead of selecting the item from the Video list, tap on the Songs or Artists icon and tap on it in those lists.

Double-tap videos to make them fill the screen

Some videos on the iPhone or iPod touch have horizontal or vertical black bars bordering the screen. This is because the original composition of the movie or video is too wide or narrow to fill the screen. If you want to have the video fill your entire screen, simply double-tap anywhere on the screen, and the video image will zoom in slightly and magnify the screen so that there are no black bars. Double-tap on the screen again to return the screen to its original configuration.

Control video playback from Apple iPhone stereo headset

If you’re using the headset that came with your iPhone to listen to a video, you can control playback with it.

  • Click on the mic button once to play or pause a video (or song).
  • Click on the mic button twice to go to the next chapter in the video (or the next song).
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