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iPhone 3G S / 4 Video Camera Enhancement News


WARNING: this article can be highly technical and is definitely NOT meant for people that haven't ever tried hacking the camera of their iPhone 4 or 3G S. If I don't run into other obstacles (I find out something very important), the next one I publish will be meant for newcomers to iPhone 4 or 3G S enhancement. If you, however, are a seasoned hacker and/or a programmer interested in writing apps for Cydia and/or have previously used my hacking tools before and would like to know what the new versions contain, you will want to read on. AGAIN: this article is NOT meant for complete newcomers!

The new versions

Sing 'Joy to the (Water) World' with Waterproof iPhone case from The Joy Factory


By making a waterproof iPhone case, The Joy Factory has gone where most case makers fear to tread (or tread water, in this situation.)    Just because you can make a waterproof case, doesn't mean you want to ship one, because you still need to make it foolproof enough that end users will seal it properly before they take the plunge.  The $40 RainBallet from The Joy Factory addresses this through several smart decisions.

Yet another great iPhone 4 video camera hack by me (v11 released with sources)!

Having dug deep into the configuration files and the video “hacking” of the iPhone 3G S (see my yesterday's post HERE [beware, it's quite technical and mostly meant for advanced users / programmers]; I'll also very soon post a full all-in-one 3G S article for beginners), I've found the „1080p” settings I've used there applicable to the iPhone 4 too – in addition to the default (here: true HD with full frame rate, near field-of-view and bad low-light performance) and the full sensor (high-resolution video with great low-light performance and, on the iPhone 4, greatly widened field-of-view but severely reduced frame rate).

This is how you can make your iPhone 4 into a much more versatile video camera


(Note that this article, as with most of my stuff, shows you not only how the camera can be reconfigured, but also shows you - how you can play back a YouTube video frame-by-frame; - how you can create and upload packages to your Cydia [an alternative to Apple's AppStore] repository and, last but definitely not least, gives you a full source-level explanation of the entire app that I've written to quickly switch between the different iPhone4 camera configurations. No one has released anything similar for the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 3GS [for which I'll also release a very similar utility in a few days] before!)

Turn your iPhone into a Digital SLR camera... sortof


We usually write about products you can buy, but the iPhone4 Photography Kit is a concept that's on the drawing board, waiting for your support at Kickstarter.com.  The kit is a slider case in three parts, plus an optional neckstrap.  The left and right parts slide together and are sealed by a locking ring.  The end result looks like a digital SLR with the ring resembling the camera lens.  Actual photos are still taken with the iPhone 4's built-in camera.  White and black are planned with potentially five additional colors if the project takes off.

How do I use the iPad as a digital photo frame

htipaddigitalframeYou can enjoy all your great photos and images on the iPad while it is idle.


How to play music with your slideshows

You can further customize your slideshows by adding music to them.

Play music with iPad slideshows:

On the iPad, you can select songs from your iTunes music library to accompany your slideshows. Here's how you do it:

  1. Open the Photos app and select the album you want to play as a slideshow.
  2. Tap on the Slideshow button in the upper-right corner of the screen to display the Slideshow Options menu.


How do I edit photos?

ArtStudio liteThe capability to edit photos isn't built into your device, but there are some fabulous third-party apps that can let you crop, morph, enlarge, and change the photo in any way you can imagine. Here are a few to try:

Free photo editing apps:

  • ArtStudio Lite (app2.me/3677). This is a very powerful app that lets you modify images with layers, brushes, tools, image galleries and much more.


Photos: Introduction

How to Take, Share, and Use Great Photos

The Camera app is on all iOS devices with built-in cameras, including the iPhone, the latest iPod touch, and the recently released, second-generation iPad. The cameras on the latest iOS devices have some very useful capabilities. You can focus on any part of the image, optimize for sub-prime lighting conditions, share the images via e-mail or text messaging, and play slideshows with music to impress your friends. You can even complement your photo-editing skills with third-party apps.

Taking pictures with your iOS device can be a blast. The following pages will show you how to take full advantage of the Camera app as well as the Photos app that's built into all iOS devices.


iPhone Obsessed is here!


Several weeks ago I heard about a book that was coming out about photo editing techniques with an iPhone. It arrived! iPhone Obsessed by Dan Marcolina literally arrived a few minutes ago. I've only had a chance to glance through it. It gives you step-by-step directions on how to use many iPhone photo apps for very interesting results. Incidentally, the very interesting is an understatement. They are great! I'm looking forward to going through the book in detail and reporting on some of the techniques. It's definitely worth getting!

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