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Call anyone in the US from anywhere in the world absolutely FREE on your iPad



Do you Whistle (free)?  I guess I'm still a bit tongue tied with my latest VoiP app for the iPad, yes you're hearing me right a VoiP phone for the iPad (and other devices too).

 The WhistlePhone Service is interesting for a number of reasons; 1) it designed an app for the iPad, 2) it utilizes an add you have to listen to before each call to make your voip call free in the US, or from anywhere else to the US.

Kindle Killer

iPad, iBooks, iBookstore: 3-punch knockout

Kindle and iPadThe iPod and iTunes made Apple the most important player in the music industry. Now, with the release of the iPad and the free iBook app to access its new iBookstore, Apple aims to do the same for print. So how does the iPad fare as an eBook reader


Rearrange icons from your iPhone or iPod touch

  1. Go the Home page that has the app icon you want to move.
  2. Press and hold down on the icon until the icons begin to shake.
  3. Slide it to the position you want it to occupy on the current Home page. You can also use this technique to move icons from one page to another. Simply slide them to the extreme left or right edge of the screen until the other Home screen page appears. Then move it into the desired position on that page.
  4. Move any other icon in a similar fashion. When you're finished rearranging things…
  5. Press on the Home button to exit the "rearrange" mode.

Rearranging your icons


iTunes iConsAs you add apps to your iPhone or iPod touch, they appear as icons on the Home screen. When the Home screen is full, a second screen is added which can accept icons for another 16 apps. You can have a total of 11 screens holding 176 apps (including the apps built into the iPhone).

By default, app icons are added to these Home screens in the order they are installed.

Jumping to the Home screen; switching between screens


If you like to download and install third-party apps, you quickly wind up with multiple Home screens. A flick of the finger will take you from one Home screen to another. A quick way to get back to the main Home screen from other Home screen pages is to press the Home button. (This feature is available from version 2.2 onward.) In addition, you can switch between Home screens without swiping by tapping the lower left and right corners of the screen.

Loop available for $49 for limited time!


This is one of the cool devices I was able to play with during CES, and now half-priced for a limited time!!...A perfect Father's Day gift... Read on for press release details/links..Rockville, MD -- May 3, 2010 -- In advance of Father's Day and graduation ceremonies across the country, Hillcrest Labs today launched a special $49 promotion for its award-winning Loop(TM) pointer, an in-air mouse designed for the millions of consumers who enjoy viewing online content on their PC or Mac(R) connected to a TV. The Loop will be available for $49 starting today -- a fifty dollar savings from its usual price.

Kindle Failed Tests at Several Colleges. Will the iPad do Better?

 Reed college is experimenting with students and the iPad. Read more at Wired Campus.

Skip Apple's iPad Dock


Greetings folks. 

Last week when I picked up the Moses tablet I also picked up Apple's iPad dock. I wanted the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter but they were out. Purchasing the dock was a total waste. I read more about the iPad dock online and found out that the dock doesn't work if you have your iPad in a case. Big FUBAR on Apple's part.

Luckily, I didn't open it and was able to instead return it and exchange it for an extra power adapter. And the iPad power adapter comes with an additional usb sync cable and includes an extra 6 feet of cord. So folks, save the $29.00 and instead spend it on the iPad 10W USB Power Adapter for work or to keep in your bag. 

:: K



Ethics and App Reviews

Editorial ethics have been around as long as the published word, but that might not be obvious if you have read iPhone App review sites. Unfortunately, there are some Web publishers (and reviewers) that put quick cash in front of the best interests of their readers by taking money for reviews. Selling out is the critic's cardinal sin, and the growing tendency to do so is why we published the Organization for App Testing Standards (a.k.a., O.A.T.S.).

O.A.T.S. is a group of iPhone App review publications that came together to raise the journalistic bar for the emerging world of iPhone application and game review sites.


Want Some Free StuffBak Labels? Hurry and Read this First.



Are you a StuffBak user? Are you already registered on their site? Well, if so, make sure your registered information is up to date and head over to their new facebook page. They are offering 6 free StuffBak labels, which have two years of free service attached to them, if you are one of the first 500 people to become a fan. I became a fan a few days ago and my labels came in the mail today. I was very surprised and excited. I am going to give some of them to my friends and family.

Their page says " Thanks StuffBak fans for all your kind words and sharing of your success stories ... we are humbled by the quick show of support! We're going to extend our charter fan offer to the first 500 fans, so spread the word! Labels will be sent to the registered StuffBak address, so please login to your account and make sure your contact info is up-to-date."

At the time of this post, they had 352 fans so if you are interested, you better hurry.



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