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The Scrabble-Dabble War of the Words With Friends Extravaganza. A Closer Look at Crossword Puzzle Word Games


Otarine.  Latrine.  Ratline.  Taurine.  Reliant.  What do all of these words have in common (besides being seven letters long)?  Well, if you are a fan of the latest craze of crossword puzzle games, then these are all words you are going to want to commit to memory.  Most of you are probably familiar with the classic board game, Scrabble.   Up to four players can participate in a game, which starts with an assortment of lettered tiles being distributed to each player.   The tiles are each assigned a number value, which denotes the number of points you will receive for using it to form a word.  Earn point

iOS Intelligence Party: WWDC June 6th San Francisco


Are you attending WWDC? iPhone Life is proud to sponsor the iOS Intelligence Party, Monday June 6th, San Francisco (with iPad DJ Rana Sobhany). Stop by our table to meet iPhone Life magazine publisher and executive editor Hal Goldstein and get a free copy of our latest issue.  Below are the event details from the organizer:

If you're going to be in San Francisco on Monday, June 6th, either for WWDC or for other reasons, I'd like to invite you to the iOS Intelligence Party.


You can RSVP from the event web site:


Must-Have Apps and Gear for your New iPad

5 steps to get you started

You bought a shiny new iPad 2—congratulations! You've managed to climb to the top of the technological food chain. Men want you, and women want to be with you (or vice versa). It's more exciting than a bike on Christmas morning. However, after a few days exploring the built-in apps, the honeymoon ends and reality sets in. You start asking yourself, "What more can I do with this thing?"

As it turns out, you can do a lot more, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of titles in the App Store and the ever-growing variety of accessories available from third-party vendors. Here are some steps that will help you get the most out of your new iPad 2. You can think of this article as your training wheels.


Social Media Report

Facebook Places on the iPad

Facebook - PlacesI'm in the middle of writing a couple of books about social media, and I'm up on Facebook almost all the time. It's an incredibly feature-rich environment—so much so, that it's almost impossible to describe it all in a book, let alone a 700 word article. In this edition of Social Media Report, I'm going to focus on one specific feature of Facebook—Places. If you want a thorough understanding of Places, take a look at Facebook's description (facebook.com/places) or check out my new book (see my author's bio).


Should I upgrade my iPhone and iPad?


I really can't live without my iPhone and iPad. And as a professional publisher, writer and editor, I pride myself in always having, and knowing about, the latest gear. So it's pretty strange that I still have a lowly iPhone 3Gs and a first generation iPad. I mean, the iPhone 4 has been out forever, and there's already plenty of buzz about the iPhone 5. And the second gen iPad has also been out of a while. So what's going here?

Googe Android vs. Apple iOS - A Different Take


While enjoying sushi and drinks with a friend the other night, she let me play with her new Android phone that she had just picked up that day to replace here aging Blackberry.  I've been an iPhone user since day three of the first iteration, and I currently carry an iPhone 4 for daily use.  In the nearly four years that I've been using Apple's handset, it may have been lost on me that not everyone experiences the polished user experience that iPhone users have grown accustomed to.  She had a lower end LG handset powered by Android and moments after launching the browser, I noticed the "jaggy" scrolling.

How to Find the Latest Special Needs Apps & Accessories

These great online resources help parents, teachers, and other special needs caregivers.

Whether you are a special needs parent (like myself), caregiver, educator, medical professional, or therapist, the iPad is revolutionizing the special needs community. However, trying to stay on top of all the latest apps and accessories can be overwhelming.


How to Configure Exchange Email on iOS

VPN SettingsIn order to access your corporate e-mail from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Exchange ActiveSync is commonly used to synchronize your data.


How to Deploy Apps at Work

Understanding and using the options for app distribution

As a consumer, finding apps is really simple—go to the App Store. However, it isn’t always so straightforward for businesses. There are multiple ways for a company to let its employees access apps that help them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Use App Store self-service

Cloud-based solutions give employees access to the systems and data they need to be productive when they’re on the go. Let’s say that a company wants to deploy a cloud-based solution like Box.net or Salesforce.com. Since these and other cloud-based business solutions have apps in the App Store, the company can direct their workers to download those apps from the App Store.


How to Get an App Built

Taking an idea from conception to app store

When Apple first launched the iPhone App Store, they sparked a gold rush where developers from all over the world were racing to create the next big app. As the number of apps grew from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands, it became very important for developers to carefully and strategically evaluate their new app plans. Here are some of the steps you should follow:

Have a clear idea of the app you want to build

Whether it's a completely new concept, the combination of two or more existing concepts, or just an improvement upon an existing app, it is very important to have a clear idea of the app you want to build. Maybe you want to take an exciting Web or desktop application and port it to a mobile platform.


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