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A Bigger Screen Means Bigger Fun

The original iPad was quickly adopted by game-loving iPhone fans, but it’s been frequently viewed as a big iPhone by developers. After all, screen size aside, the original iPad’s hardware was basically the same. With the iPad 2, however, the dual-core processor suddenly paved the way for better gaming on the go, which has resulted in some truly spectacular-looking, top-tier games.


Q and A with Mike Stemmle, Designer of Back to the Future: The Game

Mike Riley: Who at Telltale came up with the initial desire of doing a back to the Future adventure game? What was their driving inspiration to add to the back to the Future story? 


Back to the Future: The Game

Great Scott! This game series will appeal to new and old fans of the Back to the Future Trilogy

Great ScottThe Back to the Future trilogy recently hit its 25th year anniversary milestone. While the movies continue to hold up remarkably well (even though the effects are showing their age), Telltale Games has revitalized the beloved time travel story with new life, fresh characters, and old friends.

Marty McFly


Fake Apple Phishing Email Making the Rounds!


Email openers beware! If you receive an email like this one, be sure to first check who the email is from, then be sure to hover your cursor over the link before you click it, and if it is NOT Apple then do NOT click it! According to Intego, the website that this takes you to looks a lot like Apple’s real site! Be careful out there!

Stocking Stuffers: Tankbots


They come in a colorful array of orange, green, blue, and black. They are more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and they are aptly named Tankbots. They sort of look like little Smart Cars on tractor treads.

It was the best of reads; it was the worst of reads


I haven't had such a horrible reading experience since I think about 1998 or 1999. I had forgotten that it was like trying to wrestle an octopus in the dark. It's better when you have light, lots of light. The worst part is not so much trying to see the blurry, small print on cheap paper as it is trying to keep the page from curving and the whole thing closing and slipping out of your hands--hands because the unpleasant process takes two hands to make it viable. And your arms get tired and maybe cold if you don't have the heat turned up sufficiently.

iPhoneCaptain Goes HollyWood w/ Jon Brandmeier


A few weeks ago, I had the honor of meeting Jon Brandmeier. We discussed the passing of Steve Jobs and also the iPhone 4S. He's a great guy who has had many great accomplishments. Brandmeier currently has his own show that he hosts at NBC Chicago. What a way to have your first interview. He has a great show covering many topics. Check out the short clip of my interview with Brandmeier. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair.



What I played - Gun Bros on HP webOS!


This will definitely be a different kind of "What I played this week" post. The HP TouchPad tablet might be remembered--if remembered at all--in the annals of gadget ignominy. Just another iPad contender that hardly made it to the ring, before HP decided to pull the plug. I won't be the first or last to say that it's a shame. The product has some rough edges to be sure, but serious potential as well. I played several decent apps on it this week that I felt deserved (along with the device itself) at least a minor review (2 recommendations mentioned here--free Gun Bros and Appy Geek have iOS equivalent in the App store). Though it isn't strictly iPhoneLife material, this review might interest the gadget nut curious how the TouchPad stacks up to our beloved iPad. Actually pretty well...

Goodbye Steve


As you all know by now, Steve Jobs passed away today, Oct 5th 2011. I wanted to make a quick comment here. I was never an Apple fanboy. I'm probably the only person who writes mostly about the iPhone and yet uses a PC more than a Mac. However, I wanted to say that today, I have to give my respects to a man who did more to bring the concept of elegance and grace to tech devices than anyone else in history.

I go into it more here, RIP Steve, your work was an exercise in grace.

Artist's iPhone, iPad help him create ancient Filipino calligraphy

Christian Cabuay

What do you do? I'm an artist and translator.

Which device do you use? iPad 1 and iPhone 3G.

How do you use your device? People pay me to translate and draw English words to the ancient Filipino writing system, Baybayin.

What apps do you use the most? Zen Brush ($2.99, app2.me/3512), iFontMaker ($6.99, app2.me/3731) Zendesk (free, app2.me/3732), Awesome Note ($3.99, app2.me/220), Mail.


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