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No sound on iPhone or iPod touch?


 Note that the iPod touch 2G has built-in speakers, but the first generation Touch does not. You must use the earphones that came with the device. If you can’t hear any sound coming from your device, check out the obvious things first:

Control music playback from headphones


The headphones that came with your iPhone also let you control music playback from the button on the microphone.

Lifelong Learning and Concatenating audio files


 If you love to learn, have I got a URL for you! The Teaching Company gathers top university professors from around the country. These great teachers lecture on topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics to Biblical Wisdom to the History of Ancient Egypt to the Fundamentals of Music to Building Great Sentences and so much more. There are both audio and video courses, many of which are on sale throughout the year.

Noise while playing iphone in the car via the cigarette socket

I listen to quite a bit of AM radio when I drive. AM reception in my area is not very good and on long drives I lose my normal 24hr news station.  So I use the iphone as a digital radio. However, I get a bit of engine noise on my iphone when its plugged into the 12v socket. This is not uncommon, but annoying never the less. So in case you play your iphone or other mp3 player in the car while getting power from the cigarette socket; here are a few tips..

Configuring your music settings

iPod music settingsYou have a number of options in configuring the sound of your music, which can greatly enhance your listening enjoyment. Go to Settings >Music and tap on one of these three options:

Hidden track controls, fast-forwarding, and other options

There are a number of ways you can control the playback of your music from the Now Playing screen on your iPhone or iPod touch. To display the Now Playing screen, tap the Now Playing button in the upper right corner of the screen, and then tap once anywhere on the album art. This will open a screen giving you three options:

Create an “On-The-Go” playlist

When you first add music to your iPhone or iPod touch in iTunes, it will automatically add a playlist called On-The-Go. You can add music to this playlist at any time, even when you are not connected to iTunes. Here’s how:

How to Rip Music CDs to your iPhone/iPod

The iTunes apps on your PC or Mac is the best way to rip music CDs and download content


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