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Holding down the caps key


Need to enter two or three capital letters in a row? If you’re using a standard computer keyboard or an old manual or electric typewriter you can do this by engaging the Caps Lock, typing the letters, and disengaging the Caps Lock. Of course, if you’re just typing two or three letters, it’s easier to hold down the Shift key and type. Most mobile touchscreen devices with “soft” (on screen) keyboards don’t let you do this. However, the keyboard on the iPhone and iPod touch does.

Tap and drag your finger 
 to move the cursor

Spyglass iPhone or iPod TouchWhen typing, you can move the cursor wherever you want in the text by holding your finger down on the screen until a “spyglass” appears (above). This magnifies the spot in the text where your finger is so that you can easily see the words and the position of the cursor. Drag your finger around the screen until the cursor is positioned where you want it. Then lift up your finger.

iPhone and iPod touch’s keyboard
 has predictive mapping

The iPhone and iPod touch’s keyboard has a built-in dictionary that predicts what words you are about to type. Using these predictions, the keyboard readjusts the size of the “tap zones” of letters, making the ones that you are most likely to type bigger and making the letters that are less likely to be typed smaller. The keys themselves don’t get bigger—just the tap zones.

Speed up typing with keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard has a number of features built in that are designed to speed up the typing process.

Use the Caps Lock feature

You can set the keyboard to include a Caps Lock feature. Go to Settings >General >Keyboard and set the “Enable Caps Lock” to the On position. This will make the shift key a Caps Lock key—double-tapping it will turn it on, which is indicated by the button turning blue. Tap it once to turn it off.

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