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Tis the season for great deals, and I just learned that EA is putting a ton of apps on sale!

Here's the list.  A quick way to see all of EA's apps is to click here - http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/electronic-arts/id284800461

Also, if you'll forgive the self-promotion, some of my own apps are on sale!  AutoRingtone PRO (normally $1.99) is half-price, at $0.99 and AutoRingtone MUSICAL Edition is FREE!  Check 'em out at http://www.AutoRingtone.com!


Getting the Most Out of iTunes

Use these desktop add-ons to automatically download cover art and lyrics

The desktop version of iTunes is a great application, with features that I’m still learning to use. In addition, there’s a world of add-ons and programs out there that make iTunes even better! I’ve just begun exploring these and wanted to share my comments about some of the best. Some of them are available for both the Mac and Windows PC; others are available for one platform only. Some are freeware and others commercial apps.


The State of the App Store

This has been a busy week or so for the App Store, so I thought I'd chime in with my observations, as a user and developer.

First, Apple took a major step forward toward enhancing the structure of the App Store, by adding Keywords.  Now, when developers submit apps, they must include 100 characters of keywords that will be part of the approval process.  Before, Digital Chocolate, a game developer, had the word "ea." as in the abbreviation of 'each', repeated several times in their descriptions.  The result was, searches for "EA" as in EA Sports, returned only Digital Chocolate apps!  EA complained, and Apple listened.

Using iTunes to Put Photos on Your iPhone

Syncing photos between your iPhone and your desktop computer

So you had a wonderful vacation, took a lot of photos with your digital camera, and now you want to show them to friends and family. One convenient way to do this is to transfer the photos to your iPhone or iPod touch. Then, whenever the situation arises, you can pull out your device and use the Photo application to display them.

In this article I’ll explain how to use iTunes to copy photos to your iPhone or iPod touch. In addition, I’ll show you how to transfer photos taken with your iPhone to your desktop computer, and describe how to use any photo as the background for your startup screen.


ESPN ScoreCenter App is a Home Run


This weekend I stumbled across the ESPN ScoreCenter app. And let me tell you this app is a must have for any sports nut or even a non-sports nut like myself.

iTunes...Your Personal Music Library

Ripping CDs; Syncing content; Organizing music into playlists; more.

iTunes PreferencesMy original intention was to use my iPhone for business purposes, but since getting it I’ve purchased 1,752 songs, movies, and music videos from iTunes, Apple’s online music store. You can access the store via the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPod touch, or via the iTunes application for your PC or Mac, which you can download for free from Apple. The iTunes application is the only way you can access the store.

Fig. 1: The iTunes Preferences screen lets you customize import, playback, and other features. (PC version shown here; Mac version similar.)




Here's a novel idea: Geoff Smith, a musician and creator of jingles who got his start doing theme songs for hundreds of top podcasts and eventually also online advertising and marketing firms, has created a ringtone service. You subscribe to his podcast, and each week you receive a new ringtone, plus get access to previous ringtones.

Buy Books Ready For Listening

Buy books through Audible.com and listen to them on your iPhone


AudibleI love a good book, but because of my schedule I rarely have the time to read. I travel quite a bit, and prefer to drive if I can get to my destination in six hours or less. This typically leaves me with plenty of time to listen to a couple of audiobooks during my travels.


iTunes 8.1 released, plus new App Store review system

 Apple just released (within the past half hour) iTunes 8.1 and it seems to be "zippier".

They also have a new system for App Store reviews, where you can filter reviews by a particular version.

The primary enhancements for iTunes 8.1 relate to the new iPod Shuffle, introduced today, but there are quite a few other new features.  Here's the Readme:



What's new in iTunes 8.1

Is The Wicked DRM Witch Dead?

Apple announced today that nearly all of the music sold on iTunes will be 100% DRM free. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, has been the bane of the music downloading world since its inception. DRM is a security method to prevent people from copying and distributing music illegally which sounds good on the surface but because of the complexity of our changing lives and music playing products only proved to hamper and anger consumers.

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