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iTunes 10.0.1 update includes Ping sidebar

As you likely know, the biggest change in iTunes with the release of version 10 was Ping, which integrates social media into your iTunes experience so that you can see what music your friends are listening to, etc. Now Apple has released an update to iTunes 10 that adds a Ping sidebar. Read all about it on Macworld.

Best iTunes Content and Add-Ons

Get the most from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad using Apple's iTunes and Third Party Programs

iTunes is arguably the most important app for your Apple mobile device. It's the first program you use after you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and it's the only way to backup and restore the device or update its operating system. There is an enormous variety of content available through the iTunes Store—so much so that it can be hard finding and managing content. Fortunately, there are some excellent "helper" programs available. Let's take a look at some of the best.


iTunes 10: Sorting out the privacy features of Ping


The value of social media is that you learn about music that you might like. The new social media feature in iTunes 10, called Ping, lets you know what music your friends are listening to and purchasing. But in using Ping, you have to decide how much you want others to know about your own listening and purchasing. A very helpful article on Macworld explains the privacy features in Ping. It's worth checking out if you're intending to enable Ping, which is turned off by default.

The iBible: Does an Increase in Bible App Sales Imply a Shift in Demographics?


According to the Atlantic Monthly, on Monday, a bible app cracked the top 10 highest grossing iPad book apps of all time. The NIV Bible Reader is currently getting 3,000 downloads a day.  The app is also ranked number 2 on the iPhone just behind Green Eggs and Ham.

Get the Most Out of iTunes

Create more space and find your favorite content

Create More Space

Convert MusicThe iPhone comes with a good amount of storage space, but you can run out quickly. Try putting too many movies on your device and installing some big apps, and you may have to start sacrificing some of your music to make room. Hopefully, with the release of the latest version of iTunes, this problem will be relegated to the past. Starting with iTunes (9.2 is now available), Apple added a feature that lets you reduce the size of the music files on your iPod or iPhone by converting the bit rate to 128 kbps.


Review: JBL On Stage Micro II



JBL released their On Stage Micro II last week. This is one of their portable speaker docks, which works with the iPhone, iPods, as well as some other devices. They were kind enough to send me a loaner unit (Thank You), which I have been using for a few weeks.

Tips for iPhone 3GS and OS 3.0

Hidden features that make the iPhone and iPod touch more powerful!

The iPhone and iPod touch are very easy to use and the basics are well covered in the user manuals that come with the devices. If you've misplaced your manual, you can download a PDF version from Apple's support Web page (apple.com/support).

You'll master the basics pretty quickly. Once you do, you'll begin to discover that the iPhone and iPod touch have some powerful but less obvious features that can make the devices easier to use. This article contains tips that will let you access some of that hidden power.


Making conference calls

Note that your wireless carrier must support this feature.


4 Tips for Finding iTunes Store Content

Create more space and find your favorite content

As the iTunes store expands, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to find the content I like. There is so much available that it's easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. Whether it is podcasts, apps, lectures, games, music, or anything else the iTunes store has to offer, these tips should help you find what you're looking for.

1. iTunes Alerts

iTunes AlertMeWant to know when your favorite artist's new album comes out? Just go to any album or artist page and look for the "Alert Me" link.




I've had my AirStash ($99) for several days now after the delay of nearly a month due to some streaming difficulty in the first model, I've got to say I'm happy but hmmmm.  Let me explain.

Birthday Shopping? Gift an app directly from the iPhone store!


 Did you know that you can GIFT an app? That's right and you can do it directly from the iTunes store.

Simply locate the app, click and hold the arrow next to the "Buy App" button, and then select "Gift This App."  Fill in the details and in seconds your gift is on the way! An easy way to shop for birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations for your favorite iPhone users.

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