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Localscope iPhone App Review – A Perfect Combo of Search, Social Networking and Navigation


I do like GPS navigation apps basically as most I have tried gives a better navigation experience so far.  I just did my hands on an app Localscope from Cynapse which does the same, but with a different execution.

iOS 4.3 Allows Users a Safer Purchase Policy


Apple recently changed their purchase policy in order to avoid any accidental purchases for applications on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This change is to protect users particularly childrens from making unwanted app purchase or in-app purchase.

Change a song or album's genre


iTunesTags4NReview it and change the genre associated with a specific album or song by following these steps. In this example, I'm changing the genre of the Bob Dylan album, "Christmas In the Heart" from "Holiday" to "Folk" (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4: Use the "Genre" drop-down to change genres for multiple albums.

Create a new genre


Following the above steps, if you get to step 4 and don't see the genre you want in the drop-down list, simply delete the genre in the edit box and type in the new genre name. Click "OK" and you're finished.



iTunesTags5NIs the Artist column in your iTunes Library cluttered with hundreds of artists you never heard of? You may be the victim of "compilations." A compilation album contains tracks by multiple artists. Examples include tribute albums, benefit concerts, and soundtracks. For example, the (mythical) album "One Hit Wonders of the 80's" might contain 25 tracks each by a different artist (that's why they were one hit wonders). If you downloaded this album, each artist would be listed in your Artist list, with one associated track.

5. Exclude songs from Shuffle


I rarely used the Shuffle feature in iTunes or on my iOS devices because I didn't think there was a way to exclude the songs I didn't want to hear. Then I discovered the "Skip When Shuffling" tag. Here's how you exclude songs from Shuffle:

  1. Select the tracks you want to exclude in the list view.
  2. Open the Items Information dialog box (Command-I on the Mac; Control-I on the PC).
  3. Click on the "Skip when Shuffling" checkbox and hit "OK." (No more "Clair De Lune" sandwiched between "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Sunday, Bloody Sunday.")

Make sure artist names are spelled consistently.


iTunesTags1NDifferent albums by the same artist will sometimes have different spellings of the artist's name. First, make sure you know what the correct spelling is. (Look at an album cover or go to the artist's website.) Then, fix the misspellings in iTunes by following these easy steps:

Fig.1: The Get Info Box allows you to change over 40 tags

Organize your music in Genres


While artist's names are objective, the genre their song falls into can be a highly subjective decision. Some users categorize their music collection into a handful of genres, but others may like to fine-tune things and have 50 or more. Your list of genres should reflect your needs and the way you organize music in your mind. For example, I have over 80 albums listed under the "Soundtrack" genre because I often want to listen to just soundtracks.

Apple is the Leader in Mobile App Store Revenue


A recent report from CNET says according to the data from IHS, Apple is holding the top rank among other smartphones in app store revenue worldwide. Apple just feeling the heat in the smartphone market with a heavy competition just managed their top position this year too.

Verizon users: Welcome to iTunes. Welcome to Chaos


Today, millions of new users are joining the iOS ecosystem, thank to the Verizon iPhone, and for many it will be there first introduction to iTunes and the App Store.  Those of us who have lived with an iPhone for years take many things for granted, but I thought I'd point out some of the idiosyncrasies in iTunes for our new friends.

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