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Interested in An App for your business? Get a free App design...

Ever wanted An App for your business? Well today iOS Apple Apps are offering a free App design so you can see how an App for your business would look and work. Then you can decide if you want the App building. If you are interested in having a free design made simply email craigsmart@iosappleapps.com your company website.

Thanks Craig Smart owner iOS Apple Apps.

Slideshow Remote for Apple Watch Can Revolutionize Presentations

Slideshow Remote for Apple Watch Can Revolutionize Presentations

LogicInMind today unveiled Slideshow Remote, the world's first presentation remote control for Apple Watch. This innovative app lets you deliver Keynote and PowerPoint presentations like never before.

App Review: getAbstract


In a world of digital content, publishersnow a wider range of publishers than ever— while continuing to create bound books, increasingly create digital-only publications. Combine all those books with economics reports from think tanks and talks on the TED stage, and business people looking for the latest insight could spend more time trolling, curating, and reading than they do working and living. So in a world of outsourced assistance and quick returns comes the app getAbstract (free), from getAbstract, the company that condenses the essential lessons from business books and makes them available in a quick-to-read format.

New Interactive Picture Book “A Parcel of Courage” helps Children Build Big Hearts and Capacious Mind

New Interactive Picture Book “A Parcel of Courage” helps Children Build Big Hearts and Capacious Mind

The new interactive picture book “A Parcel of Courage” has become available on iOS and Android in order to help children 3-6 years old to build big hearts and capacious minds by providing some balanced brain-training activities, and most importantly, encouraging families to build stronger loving connections between all the family members.

Developed by the MoonaGroup, “A Parcel of Courage” is a new type of interactive picture book created for parents who want to emotionally connect with their children ages 3-6 years old and provide them with some brain-training activities for the right and left side of the brain. While many educational apps concentrate on building intellectual skills, “A Parcel of Courage” is meant to help families use the new devices as another tool to raise well-balanced, kind-hearted children who possess rich creativity.

The fresh interactive picture book “A Parcel of Courage” brings families a whole new reading experience by inviting them to help three little boys and their granny to overcome distance and unlock a magic ritual for making their own wish come true! Children can enjoy reading and playing inside the story and get deeper with “I Play” mode, which provides them with an extra original set of four balanced educational games for both the right and left brains as well as a wonderful dreamy reward - a stunning airship.

iPhone Life Blogger's Choice Awards: Best Apps of 2014


We know you've come to rely on the bloggers at iPhoneLife.com for helpful reviews of all the best offerings in the App Store. With over 1 million apps for your iPhone and over 475,000 apps for your iPad, deciding which apps to download can be overwhelming. That's why we asked all of our bloggers to vote for their favorite apps released or updated in 2014. Here are their top two apps in each of six categories!

Jailbreaking an iPad Air Quickly

Delete can improve the level gap seen removing glass cover 3, touch sensors, components, and components and LCD Panel with high presentation varies. Cover the difference between the pixel under the glass cover glass and a dining room. Are the same plus 6 IPhone, iPhone 6 is displayed, if the case is not a noticeable difference switch to technical improvements of the previous generation and ipad, you can, use the following steps. Bad air 2 another change welcome non-reflective coatings are available.

Apple Patent Hints at Cracked Screen Prevention


AppleInsider reported on a new patent picked up by Apple that might save your iPhone from a cracked screen. If you drop your phone, a motor and sensors determine the point of impact and shift the positioning of the device in midair to save sensitive areas, like the screen and camera.

How To Get iPhone 4 Jailbreak Software

Using the bootrom) do not attack your kernel so they fail and can provide an untethered jailbreak Comex. After another jailbreak Geohot (limera1n) 10/9, 2010 any other bootrom jailbreak greenpois0n, Geohot and the future launch of the map by using the delay continues to exploit fissures in the attack. The famous hacker GeoHot LimeRa1n is created from the controversial separation verification tool. Packet filter kernel-only bootrom exploit Comex's untethered jailbreak is used to achieve the feat.

Itunes duplicate remover software

ITunes not uncommon thousands those items. But how many of these tracks is unique? Contains duplicates in your iTunes library? It takes time to go through your iTunes library and manually looking for duplicate. Duplicate Finder is really removed duplicate track list is to choose a track built into the ITunes help does not help. Help is at hand! Search songs in your iTunes library and display duplicate track group can be cleaned quickly.

iphone jailbreak 8.0.2

Risk of irreversible Jailbreaking is a complex process if you are not tech savvy. It is possible that you can "brick" your iPhone, a process that makes the iPhone useless. When an iPhone is bricked you need to run a complete restoration on it with iTunes. This refill the Apple bootloader and removes jailbroken settings. There is a small chance that you can damage your iPhone repaired; In this situation, you end up with an expensive paperweight.

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