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Bridging the Opportunity Gap Between Business Needs and Current Business Apps



With almost 2.5 Billion  Android and iOS devices in use in the world, and Gartner predicting tablet shipments to outstrip PCs next year, it looks like everyone will be running their business from the palm of their hand before Santa Claus next comes down your chimney. Apple is increasingly being accepted by enterprise IT departments alongside Microsoft, and $50 smartphones are getting closer to reality every day, at least in emerging countries.

Skype Releases New Version with iOS 7 Theme


Skype has now released a new version of their popular calling/videoconferencing/chat app, giving it a new look and feel in keeping with the design of the new iOS 7 software. A post on the Skype blog also outlines new features that enhance accessibility:

How Teachers are Using Technology to Communicate with Students


If you have a child or have been paying attention to education news lately, you may have heard the term "common core" being thrown around. What is common core? Common core is a new set of standards designed to make students more college and career ready by the the time they graduate from high school. What makes common core different than many states' previous standards? Among other things, a strong emphasis on technology. When discussing technology in education, I routinely encounter two basic misconceptions:

first, that the students know more than the teachers when it comes to technology. 




Many students fear starting school, whether its starting a new school or the transition from one grade to the next.  Students don't need any more stress than necessary when beginning school or switching to a different campus.  I have compiled a list of apps that will reduce the stress and make school more enjoyable for all students who have an IOS device. Lets face it if our kids aren't happy we aren't happy.  These applications can  benefit parents too.

Skype for iPad



Skype for iPad

Editor organizes life and keeps daughter entertained with iPad

Leigh Shulman

What do you do? I'm editor of Matador Life (matadorlife.com) and also run an art and education community website. We have an Art House based in Salta, Argentina, but the community is worldwide (cloudhead.org).

Which device do you use? The iPad. I'd love to get an iPhone.

How long have you had it? I've had the iPad for almost 6 months.


Facing a Crisis?
 Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it!

Your iPhone and iPad can help you through it

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and family tragedies are all stressful events, but you can keep the stress at a minimum with the help of your iPhone and iPad. Here we'll look at some apps and features you can take advantage of when life gets very difficult.

Notifying your loved ones

When a tragedy occurs, the first thing most people want to do is contact loved ones. In addition to using your device as a phone, there are several other options available:


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Mobile App Analytics Packages: How are your users using your app?


App publishers should be looking at their app's statistics in order to gain an understanding of their app's performance: how often is it being downloaded, what are user's doing inside their app, are their any bugs in their app that keep a user from fully enjoying their app.

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