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Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile Turns iOS Devices into Powerful Microscopes


I’ve always loved microscopes, but I’ve also hated them in a way. As a kid, my microscope used a mirror or a really tiny light to illuminate the tiny worlds of fly hair and dried and stained amoebas. When I put my eye up against the lens, I often saw more eyelash than fly leg hair. And as I zoomed in, my light source made for ever darker images that turned the intricacies of nature into abstract art.

As an adult, I stopped looking at really tiny things unless I could find a picture of them in book or on a website. At least until now. Now I have a Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile ($149). This handy device transforms an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod Touch into a microscope. Unlike earlier Bodelin microscopes that looked like science fiction guns and required their own WiFi network to stream images to an iOS device and receiving app, the new ProScope Micro Mobile stands alone (well, alone if you count being mounted to an iPhone as alone).

Flipping tip: edmodo video


“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” - Erma Bombeck

Edmodo is an online social learning network. It’s a bit like Facebook but secure! Teachers, students, and parents can connect, collaborate, and share content without worry. Teachers can post grades, assignments, and quizzes too but we are going to focus attention on sharing videos.

If Sandy damaged your pictures, your iPhone may be able to help preserve them...


In recent days, you've probably seen and heard a lot about where I live. I live on Staten Island. About 20 fellow Staten Islanders were killed. Many neighborhoods have been destroyed. Some schools are still closed. The restaurant that my family visited on October 19 is gone. Sandy was not nice to us.

Volunteers have been coming to help with the clean-up. There's been plenty of criticism about the lack of electricity for thousands. [Fortunately, my power was turned on about after three days.] It's still difficult to get gasoline for the cars.

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