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iWork and iLife are Now Free - And Collaborative!


Apple’s September announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c brought welcome news for users wishing for new productivity applications along with their enhanced devices: free copies of the popular iWork and iLife apps. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, are staples for any professional interfacing with Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Acrobat files, Open Office formats, and the options even include saving certain Pages documents as iBooks files.  iLife includes applications like iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie

Today, Apple expanded the generosity in multiple ways. In addition to introducing the new iPad Air, the updated MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro computers, the company announced that iWork and iLife will now come free on any new iOS or OS X device purchased.

Stop Motion- Animation Maker Pro: Creating Your Own Cinema


EDUMOTION's Stop Motion- Animation Pro is a remarkably easy-to-use application that puts the power of stop-motion filming in its users’ hands. With Stop Motion Animation Pro, no special equipment is necessary to create your very own stop-motion film. Stop- motion film is created by playing many still frames in quick succession, in which a scene has been subtly adjusted for each frame.  This creates the illusion of smooth motion when using a series of inanimate scenes.

lettrs Emerges as a New Social Network for Letter Writing, Upgrades its iPhone App and Expands to 171 Countries in 9 months

lettrs Emerges as a New Social Network for Letter Writing, Upgrades its iPhone App and Expands to 171 Countries in 9 months


Mobile technology platform lettrs, which enables cloud-based delivery of more meaningful personal correspondence, has evolved into a new social network for letter writing. The addition of new social features like PO Boxes brings back what was special about letters in the past and adapts them to a mobile and social world.



Mobile Screen Cleaning Kit Battles Smart Phone Acne

CLEVELAND, OH -- October 1, 2013 – DF Consumer Products, Inc., manufacturer of
Mobile Clean and Go™ mobile screen cleaning products, announces Self Magazine’s recommendation of its travel-sized cleanser and cloth as a first line in the defense against germs that cause acne - citing noted New York City cosmetic dermatologist, Paul Jarrod Frank, MD (Self.com, Flash Segment, September 20, 2013).

Apple News: Weekly Roundup


It’s been yet another fascinating week in the world of Apple news, so let’s get right to it. This week’s roundup includes results from the first ever touchscreen responsiveness benchmark tests, a neat comparison of all the iPhones since the first iteration back in 2007 as well as new video that’s leaked featuring the new, soon-to-be released large iPad.

Celebrate Peace Day, Sept. 21, with The Peace App


To bring peace to the Earth, strive to make your own life peaceful - Buddha

World Peace Day is Saturday, September 21. A newly released app is encouraging people to practice peace on a regular basis, as well as connect with others who have positive intentions towards creating peace.

Bring Your Outdoor Workout Inside With FitTrip App


When I take my mountain bike out on the trails, besides getting a good workout, it relaxes me. For me it's a mindful experience being out in nature with only me, the bike, and the trail.

However, because I live in Colorado, when the snow starts falling my bike finds residence in my garage until the sun starts shining again, I can shed my North Face coat, and the trails start drying out.

During the winter, I usually find myself hanging out on the couch instead of getting the exercise I need. I absolutely hate going to the gym. 

So, that's why I was happy to hear about a fellow Colorado resident who developed an app designed to quiet the mind and make working out at the gym like being outdoors.

Autodesk has Seen the Future and It Holds a 3D Printer


What does a computer-aided design leader do after 30 years in the market when confronted with mobility and tablets? If it’s Autodesk, it reinvents itself. Well, not completely. Autodesk, maker of the well-known AutoCad suite of design products, continues to support its core customers. But here’s the thing: It took 30 years to build that very loyal base of 17 million customers; it took just three years to build its mobile apps base of 140 million users.

Use Your iPhone to Identify Your Strengths and Passions!


In this smartphone coaching series, learn how to pair your iPhone with simple success principles and create a better life. This is Part 5 in the series. To start at the beginning, click here.

We have now come to the last piece of the puzzle for living a good life. In previous posts we have discussed your health (physical and mental) and your relationships. The last piece for a good life is to have a meaningful purpose—something that you enjoy doing.

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