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Zwirlz to Revolutionize Mobile Games for Girls with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Action Dance Game

Zwirlz to Revolutionize Mobile Games for Girls with  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Action Dance Game

Zwirlz engages girls in fun, physical activity while socializing, creating and playing together.

new game released: Sheep At Stake

new game released: Sheep At Stake

Can you help the sheep survive their long journey?

Take your multi-tasking abilities to the extreme by helping the sheep survive their long journey.

- Three unique worlds.
- Twenty different levels.
- Three difficulty modes.
- Star based award system: gather stars and win bonuses.

App Review: Q Pang an Adorable, Absurd, Destructive & Addictive iOS Shoot ‘em Up!


Bobtan studio had a hit on its hands when it released Q Pang, a strikingly strange and amusing take on the traditional alien invasion standoff game type.  Developers have gone above and beyond with this little beauty, giving Q Pang even more material to satisfy current and potential fans of the game.

Reckless Getaway Review


Every so often, a game comes with a simple premise that keeps casual iOS gamers engaged for hours on end. Reckless Getaway is just such a game. What makes it so addictive? Read on to find out.

Quick Book Review: Writing Game Center Apps in iOS: Bringing Your Players Into the Game

You may already know I'm a lecturer on programming languages: Java and its relatives (e.g., C), non-language-specific technologies like OpenGL and, now, iOS programming.

Review: Pirate Mysteries by Kristanix Games


With companies like G5 Entertainment and Big Fish Games churning out quality hidden object games one after another, the market is quickly getting rather saturated.  This means that the little guy has to do that much more to make their game stick out from the crowd.  While Pirate Mysteries is certainly no eye sore, it doesn’t do a whole lot to distinguish itself in a more positive direction either.  Still, amusing dialog and several variations of object seeking help the game to be a fun and solid, if not overly original, title.

App Review: RabbitDash for the iPhone


Game maker Dragon Stone’s new release, Rabbit Dash, sets itself up against some fierce competition.  iPhone users aren’t exactly lacking in options if they like the continuously scrolling, beat-the-clock style offered by the endless-running genre.  So what makes Rabbit Dash so special that it has a chance against the heavy hitters in this genre saturating iTunes?

Puzzle Agent 2 HD Review


Players start the sequel to Puzzle Agent with Agent Nelson Tethers back in Washington DC staring up at the moon. But in short order, he finds himself once again in the familiar Scoggins, Minnesota territory for this second installment of his story brought to life on the iPad.

I reviewed the first Puzzle Agent game nearly a year ago and found it to be a cute, stress-relieving form of entertainment to unwind with after a long day at work. It sometimes taxed (though never overheated) my mind with puzzles that ranged from grossly obvious to mildly challenging.


Thirteen Year Old App Developer

Thirteen Year Old App Developer

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Red Sky, led by a thirteen year old boy, has just released their third iPhone app. Their first app, Soccer Copter, has been very successful. They have also published Soccer Skills, an app for the soccer fanatic. And now, their best app yet, Bumper Balls, is being released. In Bumper Balls, you launch the black balls at the red ones, with a slingshot-like firing mechanism. However, you have a limited number of shots, and obstacles in your way. Bumpers bounce your ball away, spikes destroy your ball, and vortex's suck your ball towards it. Also, bars block certain paths to the red balls. Bumper Balls has been highly praised by all of the reviewers, and is sure to be a huge hit. 

Bumper Balls is great because it:
*is a one of a kind

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